It is time to return to your throne

You have been in the wilderness too long

You are called back to your throne

Even you want your throne back

You thought you could find yourself ‘out there’

Well, you were deceived

So now, come back to YOUR throne

Your territory is awaiting your return


Shed the layers and COME BACK

Shed the pain and COME BACK

No, it will not feel easy to shed the nonsense that you have learnt to own as part of you

You will CRAZILY try to hold on to it because you have forgotten how light and easy it is to be on your throne

But you will remember as you immerse yourself in royalty talk and royalty wisdom

And you will let go of peasant nonsense and peasant drama

And you will rise victorious as your true DIVINE, ROYAL self

Your territory awaits the return of their leader


Though it may seem like I talk in riddles…

You KNOW I am talking to you

You FEEL the resonance in your heart


You have been away too long

But it is never too late to return to your true design place in life


I will remind you of who you are

I will give you the strategies for territory expansion

You will make more money

You will change more lives

You will make more of a difference

You will stand taller as you become more self-assured

You will confidently show many the way home

And you will do it from a place of peace and joy and deep connection to the Divine


Your time is now

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