Your life is not happening to you

It is responding to you

You are creating it

And I know that that can sound impossible when you are facing yukky times in life – Who wants the dog to pass away?  Who wants the teenager to shoplift?  Who wants to be ill?  Who wants to be told by the boss that they are useless and fired? Who wants the permanently empty bank account? Who wants the cooker to stop working?

No one consciously wants these things

And you can be forgiven for believing that you have no choice in what is happening in life.

However, that makes you a victim of life

And victims NEVER win

This is the thing, my love – You are one with the Divine or maybe, you would rather I say, you are created in the image and likeness of the Divine.

Whichever way you think of it, that makes you pretty darned powerful.

Whatever you focus on, comes to life

Within you is a template for your life.

A template you created based on what was passed down to you, what happened in your childhood, what has continued to happen to you as you have lived this life.

You chose certain meanings to give to certain events.  Some things were prescribed for you by parents, siblings, family, friends, environment, media etc and you took them on without question

Other things, you created your own meanings for and locked it all up within.

Some of those meanings are not useful to you but you have not questioned any of them.

You just act based on them.

If you have decided that nothing you do is ever enough because that is what your dad said when you were 7, you will find yourself forever trying to prove that you are enough by taking soooo much action until you burn out. You will take that action with the wrong people who would never ever acknowledge your enoughness and also who sense your desperation to be liked and so they feel an inner aversion to liking you in the way you want to be liked and so you end up with – ‘See! I told you – I am just not enough.’

Or maybe it is the business you want to start but you remember your teacher saying that you are just not good enough at Maths and you will never be able to start a business and so now, everytime you are about to start something, your car breaks down and you have to use the funds to fix it or maybe, your child does something crazy and you have to spend time sorting them out or whatever, whatever, whatever happens and somehow it always prevents you from making a start.

And yep, it can seem so unrelated.

But the end result is the same.

You act in a way to prove your inner template right

Situations present themselves in your life that get you back on the track YOU SET UP within yourself.

So, whether you claim to be aware of it or not, you are still the one creating EVERYTHING.

And yes, I know that you can read this and think that I am being silly.

You can think that there is no evidence that your fridge breaking down has anything to do with why you did not go to that date with that potential life partner, despite saying for YEARS that you want to find true love.

You can yell at me with “You just don’t understand, Rosemary.  It is not my fault that I had to handle this, that and the other thing.  These things just happen to me and there is nothing I can do about it.  Easy for you to say all these things with your perfect life but you just don’t understand my life”


You are obviously not in enough pain yet.

And it really is OK.

You are loved whatever you choose to do with this information I am giving you.

And please understand that this is not about fault or blame or judgement.


This is just to let you know that though things happen that seem out of your control, you are literally still the only one with all the choices about how your life plays out.

And it is a reminder that RESULTS BEGIN WITHIN

Until you are willing to take responsibility for every aspect of your life, no matter how outlandish it might seem to think that the fridge breaking down has anything to do with your love life 😀 , then you will continue to create your life passively.

I am calling you to get DELIBERATE.

Not to blame yourself, I say again.  You have always done the best you can with the knowledge you had so pat yourself on the back for all the things you have accomplished with one hand tied behind your back.

However, if you are truly committed to living a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life, you are gonna have to start paying more attention to how you are creating life, paying attention to that inner template that determines what you do and do not do.

You deserve to thrive

You deserve to prosper

However, the choice is yours as to whether you will or will not.

What do you decide?

The Deliberate Millionaire Path to Peace & Plenty will help.

I strongly suggest you get on it and stay on it.

START HERE: The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book at

It took you time to build your current template for life, please do not imagine that you will flick a switch and everything will suddenly be amazing.  Be willing to stay the course and change your template to something that results in more enriching results.


Much Amazing Love

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