I grew up calling the resistance, THE DEVIL.

Always out to get me.

Whenever I did anything good, I knew I would suffer from this ‘devil’ as it tried to take me down a peg or two.

Most of the time, this ‘devil’ kept me passive.

Passively doing what I was told.

Passively talking about all the things I wanted to do but never quite doing any of it.

Passively waiting to be appointed and to be given a platform so I could finally do what I talked about doing.

Passively feeling like a second class citizen because I had bigger dreams than any woman was allowed to have.

I kept praying about this ‘devil’

Trying to cast it out.

Until I finally realised that I was my own worst ‘devil’

I was allowing my inner resistance to keep MY OWN AWESOME SELF from my own destiny.

And I see so many doing it.

Passively waiting for handouts.

Passively waiting for permission.

SOOOOO capable and yet, so passive when it comes to the things they want the most.

SOOOOO hardworking when it comes to EVERYTHING ELSE except their own true design vision.

The resistance will kill your vision, if you let it.

It will destroy your ability to increase your income, if you let it.

And it will keep you sitting on the sidelines of your life, if you let it.

AND ONLY BECAUSE it KNOWS you are born for more.


The resistance is strong in you BECAUSE the mandate on your life is powerful.


I can help.


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Much Amazing Love

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