Yes, I get it…

You feel sad

You feel uninspired

You feel afraid

These are all feelings I cycle through on a lot of days…

Would you know it?



Because I refuse to allow my nonsense be bigger than my vision.

I call it nonsense but I do get that sometimes that nonsense does need healing

But not instead of the work

NEVER instead of the physical practical work

You heal AS WELL AS do the work


You would still show up at your job, if you felt uninspired and uncreative so why do you treat your own life and business with less respect?

We may be divine beings but we do operate in a very material world

It takes both the inner work and the outer work to get results

And when you spend all the time that you have just wallowing in feelings of sadness, uncertainty and other nonsense, you are taken off-course.

The focus becomes – Why do I feel so bad?

Why is my life so hard?

Why is nothing working for me?

Save me, o save me!

And guess what that creates?


Regardless of what you feel in this moment, what do you want?

More sales?

✅ Create content – blogs, videos, updates, quote images, pdfs, programs, whatever else you can think of

✅ Get it out into the world – Literally go plaster it everywhere that your people are likely to be

✅ Build an audience by inviting people DELIBERATELY – Follow people, some will follow you back.  Use hashtags, do some advertising to get people on your list.  EVERY DAY, grow the number of people in your world in some way.

✅ Offer them something for sale – Do not crave likes so much that you forget to offer something for sale.  Your best service is delivered behind a paywall.  Your best clients and customers are those who chose to actually put their money down – Everyone else is not really all that serious.  They are unlikely to get results though you can maybe, elevate their thinking with your free content but peeps do not value what they get too easily.

✅ Be consistent – Do it every day, regardless of how you feel

✅ CHOOSE A NEW MOOD – Keep on choosing how you want to feel, rather than wallowing in how you do feel and yep, this is when you do whatever healing work you need to do to move forward but notice it is just one of the many things to do if you do want sales.

Resistance is a real thing

It feels yuk

It makes you feel like you are pushing against quicksand and getting deeper and deeper into the abyss of darkness and fear…

And yet, despite that, you gotta choose to focus on how you want to feel and what you choose to create.

And frankly, it is creation that saves you, that shifts you forward, that helps you focus on the people you are called to serve

All that wallowing just makes you feel bad about yourself and selfish and guilty for not doing anything and then you start punishing yourself for being lazy which then leads to more wallowing!!!!!

Break free, spirit-driven soul!

Commit to the work

Regardless of the resistance

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Let’s conquer mental blocks and step into more abundance

Much Amazing Love


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