You forgot how to trust, right?

Life has thrown so many curveballs at you and now, you do not know how to lean into flow anymore because you cannot let go of the reins for even a second, just in case, the bad things come get you again.

And yes, I get it – You cannot get all passive again, you cannot be all weak again, like you used to be…

Like you see many of the norms around you being…

And you judge them…

You judge them for their passivity and by judging them, you judge yourself.  You are your own worst critic.

It is time to let go and move into flow.


There are two ways of being that make the journey to the realisation of dreams and visions tough.  And you have lived them both…

1. The Passive Route

This is where you are completely dependent on the whims of life, fate and chance.  You call it ‘trusting in God’ but really, you have relinquished all responsibility for your life, waiting for a fairy tale prince/God/Fairy to swish their magic wand and make everything perfect for you with no input from you.

I see you like the person who is in the flow of the river and you are speeding along carried by the flow and all is well for a while, until you get caught in the mini-island, right dab centre in the flow of the river.  You saw it coming but you did not steer your way around it.  You just stayed in the flow and got stuck there.  And now, the water continues to flow forward towards the place you want to go but you are waiting for rescue.

And you are stuck…

Wondering why you are still here…

It is because you refuse to dig your way out.  But you are scared to dig your way out because you think that indicates a lack of trust in God, in the Universe, in whatever…

And so you passively wait for rescue…

You beg, you plead for rescue and you forget that you have everything you need in order to dig your way out and return to the flow of the river.  You start to lose trust in you and in God but you try to pretend that you still have faith.

The thing is, if you live long enough the flow of water will finally demolish the mini island that you are stuck in but you would move faster if you took action.

Trust that it is okay for you to have some control and self-direction. It does not mean you do not trust, it does not mean you are not here now, it just means you have power enough to determine where you end up so use that God-given power to take the reins of your life and steer!

2. The Forceful, Active Route

And then there is a different version of person and you may see yourself here, as well.

In this one, you refuse to get in the river at all.  You would rather walk on the river bank, taking every little victory yourself.  You look longingly at the river and those in the flow who seem to be moving along more swiftly than you but you are too scared to trust the flow of the river and so every victory is a struggle.  And you never quite seem to hit the heights you want…

You resist the flow at every turn.  You want to be in control of everything or so you think.  It is tough, hard because all progress is fought hard for by fear and hard work.  The concept of ‘let go, let GOD’ fills you with dread.  You have been burnt too many times in the past and you just cannot trust anything or anyone.  You are convinced that you have to save everything and everyone by yourself.

You determinedly take every step by sheer force but your progress is slow and you resent others who seem to get everything so easily but you just cannot let go.  You are petrified of ever trusting anything other than your own hard work.  It is hard-going, isn’t it?  I see you holding on desperately to the ‘certainty’ of the river bank…

3.  You Could Let Go While Steering

There is a third way and it combines the best of both.

You have heard the saying that faith without works is dead and this third way consists of both faith and works.

For the type 1 people, it is not enough to claim to have faith in God when you refuse to play your part of steering past obvious roadblocks.

For the type 2 people, it is not enough to claim to be all-powerful alone – It is just hard work.  It is like trying to work against gravity when you could just work with it and get where you are going faster.

And you may be both of these people in different areas of your life and/or at different times of your life.  You have been passive and that led you to being a control-freak, unable to trust flow any more, doubting everything, everyone, including yourself.

Honey, you can be in the flow and at the same time, steer.  You can work with God to get you to your chosen destination faster than you ever will alone.  You can let go and also steer past obvious obstacles.

It is a case of trusting yourself enough and trusting God, the universe as well.

You can do both.  They are not mutually exclusive though many religions may try to convince you otherwise.

Step into the flow… (trust)

Steer while flowing faster towards your goals… (action)

Reach your destination and beyond!

It feels better in the flow!

Trust you, trust the flow…

Design The Life, The Business You Want…

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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