It feels yukky at times, being on this journey.
You want everything to work now.
You want the hard times to be behind you.
You are a conscientious student and so you continue to do the inner work, the outer work.

Looking for this solution and that solution.

You have used every single clearing technique and you have learnt every practical action you can think of.
YOu dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ‘t’s. No one can tell you that you have not tried.
How much longer do you have to struggle and strain?
When will life be as blissful and awesome as was promised by someone, somewhere?
Incidentally someone asked me this question today…


And here is my response…


“I almost wish I had a magical bullet response for you but I don’t.

There is a period of time when it feels like nothing is happening, no matter how hard you try everything and still you must continue.

And in addition to continuing, you must choose to let go of there having to be an outcome.  It is a time of utter trust that you are being taken care of, loved and supported and so you continue to live to the fullness of your potential as though, it is all well… because it is.

If there is one thing I would say to you, it is ‘cultivate peace’.

Peace in the midst of the trials.

Cultivate an inner knowing that all is well.

No matter how dire it seems, choose to keep coming back to peace.  NOtice those thoughts that take you away from peace, clear them and come back to peace.  This is the real work, my love.

One of the reasons I created the OPULENCE CIRCLE is because there is a transition period for everyone who chooses to go on this path to their free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life and it can be so easy to think that there is something wrong with you when things do not work as quickly as you thought they would.  Immersing your mind in helpful info and being able to receive encouragement helps you return to peace faster than when you are figuring things out alone and very probably in fear.

Ultimately, I know what this period of time feels like for you and the tendency is to keep looking for new things that will hopefully work ‘just like that’ – There is no such thing.   There is you taking the next step repeatedly in what seems to be the wilderness but you learn to live above the perception of it being a wilderness.  You cultivate peace within, knowing that all is as it should be.  Like the seed in the dark dark ground, it can fight against the need to die and strip off the layers or it can surrender knowing that all is as it should be and that at the perfect time if it does not keep fighting the process, it will emerge more beautiful than ever imagined.

Relax and keep doing the inner and outer work you know to do.


And I say the same to you.

Much Amazing Love

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