Time and time again, I am brought back to the fact that there is no strategy, no step-by-step, no tip, no trick that can replace…

Connection to Source…

Connection to the real you…

Connection to love.

Yes, these tips, tricks, strategies can work for a little while before you find yourself feeling YUK

And most people just assume this YUK feeling is normal

They think it is just adult life

And so they settle into it

But you and I, the deliberate people, have been hearing our whole life that there can be more

And we truly believe that there can

And so, we find it harder than most, to just settle into ‘normal adult’ life


We are divine beings

Able to connect to Source and create whatever we set our mind too

And in fact, anyone who has done anything of value on the planet, KNOWS this…

They may not talk of their spirituality

They may not use the same terms we use to describe it

But they listen to their gut

They knew there was more and they refused to buy into the story that they had to give up and settle for less…

And it does not come from more strategies – If it did, everyone would be rich – Everyone has access to strategies all over the web!

And when I say, strategies, I mean both the spiritual and the physical variety

Because you can get trapped looking for the next spiritual trick that will get you manifesting faster than the Energizer bunny

But that does not work either, does it?

You have very likely tried because you are that person…

You want to cross all the ‘t’s

And dot all the ‘i’s

Can I save you some time?

It does not work

Yes, learn these things

There is never anything wrong with growth and development

However, RELAX, honey

The Divine wants the best for you too

You do not need to force it

In fact, the forcing causes it all to be held away from you because you are trying so very hard to get it right

When you really do not even know what ‘right’ for you, is…


If there is one thing to do, it is that


and TRUST that every good thing is yours

And then regardless of what your physical reality looks like, keep relaxing, keep trusting

Now the paradox of this is that, it does not mean you do nothing at all…

There is still your part to play in this

The thing you do is take aligned action

Action based on what your inner guidance leads you towards

Action based on what FEELS good which will sound too crazy to people unlike us

(Being totally honest, it sounds crazy to you too, you are so used to struggle but you are being called to a new way, honey – It is unlike anything you have ever experienced – Listen to the resonance in your heart – You know it is true)

Anyway, ALIGNED ACTION is required and then all those things you learnt about can be helpful…

It is like having a buffet table with lots of different meals and by listening to your inner guidance, you choose this meal this time and the next time, in exactly the same situation, you might feel led to choose a different meal

All the meals are available to you and you pick and choose what feels right in each moment

Maybe this time, I need to chant an affirmation

Maybe, I need to build out my mailing list this time

Maybe, I need to set up that FB ad

Maybe, I need to work with that coach

And so on…

You are relaxed in love and knowing that everything is always working out for you

You trust that FIRST and you chill into it

Life feels flow-y and connected and full of joy

And from that place, you pick and choose the strategy, the tool to use

And it feels fun, sometimes challenging too because that is also part of the adventure of life

And at the heart of you, you are relaxed because you know you are loved, safe and fully supported…

Do you understand what I mean, my love?


The good you seek, is seeking you in a greater measure than you can even ask or imagine


And before you go,


It is for spiritual people who are ready to leave behind the pain of the past and rise victorious in their true design life.

People who are done with living a life of limits

Here is what you can expect for being in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY

? Access To ALL of my Deliberate Immersion Programs, plus all the new ones I create while you are a member – ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN. Immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, being, acting as you access the ever-growing library of programs to grow your life and move deeper into prosperity in every single area.

? You will have experienced miracles in some or all areas of your life, I am always stunned and amazed at the quick differences people experience when they are willing to do the inner work

? You will KNOW what you are here to create on the planet and you will be willing to take the steps. No matter how unreasonable your true vision may have seemed at the start of the 30 days, you will know now that it is possible… if you are available.

? You will have a working intuition so you will KNOW that you always have access to the next step so no more just doing things because you have always done them and instead you will tap into the wisdom of the Divine and get individualised steps for you to summon in the prosperity in every area of your life

?You will develop unstoppable confidence as you fully own who you are and what you are capable of. Without doing anything different consciously, you will start to experience more people listening to you, respecting you, seeking your guidance and believing in what you do because you are now giving off a purposeful energy, a feeling of assurance that you know what you are here for and you are on mission. That energy is charismatic.

? You will have begun to free yourself from the weights that have kept you bound up in a life that felt ugh! Whether it be relationships or beliefs, you will have identified and given yourself permission to say ‘NO THANKS’! And as a result, you will be freer to do more of what you want to do without holding back based on bad information

? You will begin to cultivate a deep sense of peace within you as you finally realise who you are. It is like coming home to your true self and it feels good, so good. You will know how to maintain that feeling and live from it so that you are staying in alignment with your true design self.

? You will feel more joyful and happy simply because you have let go of the need to struggle, the need to go through pain before seeing any gain. You will have a new story of ease and flow to live into and you will immediately start seeing the perks of this kind of living

? You will stop being deceived by the physical reality as you learn how to manifest your every desire because now you know you are a divine creator. Part of your purpose is to design life any old how you want it and so as you step fully into this divine ability of yours, you will no longer be thrown off course by any weird happenings in the physical. You will see the end (As in the full manifestation) and you will KNOW that it is good.

? You will be so excited by this limitless life you now know you can create and you will know how to create the money you need to do whatever you set your mind to do. No longer will you be limited by a lack of time, money or anything like that because now that you know the source of it all and you know how to make yourself available, there are simply no more limits.

? You will learn how to make money faster being YOU! Rather than staying beneath the glass ceiling doing something that drains you. You cannot create or receive money all that well when you are on the wrong path. As you get on the right path for you, you will find it more easy to create wealth on your own terms… as long as you are willing!

? If this is part of your true design, you will be willing to do what it takes to begin and accelerate your transition from an unfulfilling job/business to a highly profitable and fulfilling online business that more than replaces your current income. You will now know that it is absolutely possible for you. No more self-doubt and fear holding you back. You will be ready for that next step.

? You will start to trust yourself again…deeply. Your procrastination came from a lack of trust. Your inability to create the results you desired to the full extent you know you are capable of, came from a lack of self-trust. You doubted yourself for so long and dampened out your power. This 30 day immersion will change that for you. You will begin to love, accept and trust yourself more deeply than ever before and this will enable you to move more quickly when opportunities that resonate with you arrive, be more certain about what you say and do, KNOW that you are always safe and fully supported and so you become free, totally, deeply, completely.



Much Amazing Love

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