I know what it is like to look back at mistakes, blunders, errors and to wish you had not wasted so much time on them.

I know what it is like to be frustrated at where you are now as you consider all the things you have not done with the people you love.

I know how it feels to see your children all grown up and to wish that you had gotten your act together sooner while they were still young so you could have done more with them.

And then, for some, there is the pain of not being in the relationship, not having the children, not having the career, the income you had hoped to have by now…

And you can feel your inner clock tick-tocking away and all you feel is regret, frustration, despair and a deep deep sadness.

And yes, you can wallow in it, if you like…

Or you can realise that EVERYTHING that has happened has brought you to this moment and you get the choice NOW to use it to propel you forward into the life you dream of.  Unfortunately, most people then tell themselves the sad story of ‘I am too old now to do the things I want to do.  I have missed my moment. The Divine is too upset with me and has abandoned me. I just need to survive and die gracefully’

Well, maybe those exact words are not used 😃 but you know what I mean.

People look back with regret and then THEY GIVE UP!


Yes, I need to get your attention and here it comes again – FUUUUUCCCCCCK THAT!!!!!!!!

Get angry with me for assaulting you with my foul language because ANGER is a heckuva lot better than regret, despair and all those self-indulgent nonsensical feelings you seem to be allowing to crowd your mind.

YOU ARE ALIVE, right now, right?!

Then there is still hope for you if you stop being a feeble wimp and remember that you are created in the image and likeness of the Divine and so you can change anything RIGHT NOW!

You can choose again RIGHT NOW

You can choose to look back with gratitude at all the wonderful gifts you now have, that can all be used to serve others in your own unique way and they can make you a heckuva lot of money…

You can forgive yourself for past blunders, love yourself and recognise that you have ALWAYS done the best you could and also see your power and strength!

PLEASE see your power and strength, my love

So many would have gone through what you have been through and they would have given up by now but you have kept moving forward…

NO, your life may not be what you thought it would be but you had so many obstacles to overcome and you HAVE!  Do not minimize the impact your past has had on you, my love.

Stop looking at people whose start in life made it easier for them to thrive sooner and instead, pat yourself on the back for how powerful you are to have come from your background and to STILL be going

And DECIDE… COMPLETELY DECIDE that things change NOW!

Decide to use every ounce of your energy to serve yourself a grand experience of life

DECIDE that you are going to make the next 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years the very best of your life.

I don’t care how old you are!  I personally have decided to live until I am 120 years old so you know what, you too can make that decision now and DECIDE that however many years you now have left, they are going to be the BEST!

You are no longer going to let anything hold you back – You are done with that

You are no longer going to keep putting everyone else’s agenda first – You are done with that

You are no longer going to HOLD YOUR OWN AWESOME SELF back – You are SO VERY DONE with that.

From this day forward, you are going to create the life you want.

You are going to dive deeper into the Divine, you are going to heal whatever needs to heal, you are going to learn whatever strategy you need to learn to increase your income and you are going to set yourself free to LIVE, to finally, FINALLY live the life you have been dreaming about…

You are going to have the sex you denied yourself

You are going to visit the places you denied yourself

You are going to do all the things you denied yourself

You are done with buying into the silly limiting ideas of religion, family, WHOEVER & WHATEVER!

YOu are coming alive again and you are SOOOOO DONE with obeying all the silly rules and dogma and cultural stuff that binds you up.

STOP ASKING ME HOW to do this, love!

DECIDE first and the way will become clear.

Regret does not serve you, honey.


It just keeps you trapped in the very life and situations that you are regretting trapping yourself in.

Look for the gifts in everything that has happened and DECIDE RIGHT NOW that everything is changing for you NOW!

You are the one with ALL the choices, my love

The Divine cannot force you to LIVE YOUR LIFE and you can be sure that the Divine is NOT withholding anything from you.  Your false ideas of the Divine caused you to withhold things from yourself.

FORGIVE YOURSELF and let’s go!

Make the DECISION to thrive and prosper in your true design

MAKE THE DECISION to say YES to all the things you thought you had to say NO to

And for goodness’ sake, start saying NO to the people you really should NOT have been saying YES to!!!! 😁

Yes, ‘they’ will all think you have gone crazy but who the heck cares what they think?!!!

This is YOUR LIFE and you are the only one who has to walk in your shoes every single day so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE decide to LIVE!

Fight for yourself NOW

Fight for your own amazing life NOW

Fight for the 6 figure+ income you deeply desire that comes to you in a way that is freeing, rather than restricted in some job you do not even love

Imagine with me, lots of money coming in everyday while you are still able to travel, go to the gym, hang out with loved ones, do Whatever you want!!!!


But not while you keep holding on to some false sense of responsibility and security



The Divine and YOU are your source and if you want to be free to live life from anywhere, to do whatever you want to do and STILL make money, then you are going to need to break some of the old rules you thought you had to live by.

The transition will feel difficult because it goes against EVERYTHING you unquestioningly thought was true

But let’s be real honest here, YOU ARE ALREADY IN PAIN and it is likely to go on forever if you do not change the way you are doing life.

So what is a few months of the pain of expansion when compared to the chronic pain of being stuck and stagnant that you have been putting up with FOR YEARS!!!?

DECIDE to live

DECIDE to choose yourself

DECIDE to thrive and prosper in your true design

DECIDE to find a new way forward that feels GOOD!

Stop looking back with regret and instead find all the gifts and be thankful for EVERYTHING that happened.

DECIDE it will all now be used to elevate you and let’s go.

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Much Amazing Love

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