You are gifted, literally gifted and yet, you keep downplaying you.

You forget all the things you have overcome…

You forget that you have strengths that come easy to you and that others find incredibly hard…

You forget that people want you to help them because they SEE that you are capable…

You forget all this and all you see is some boring, bland version of you that needs to hide.

In your regular life, regular job, you feel confident enough but you know you are hiding your light.

You know there is more for you to do!

You know you are born and called to more.

So, honey, when are you going to shine your light?

When will you stop allowing the fear to hold you back and to keep you hidden?

When will you put your stake in the ground BOLDLY and tell the world that you can help them in this or that way?

When will you do the videos, write the blogs, stop using your kids or partner, lack of time, lack of money or whatever as an excuse to stay hidden?

Yes, you do have the time…

Yes, you do have the energy…

Yes, you do have enough money to get started…

Yes, you are capable so when?

When will you wake up and simply show up like the amazing creator you are born to be?!

This is a new year, a new day and yesterday is gone…

Today is a great day to shine so get to shining!

Get to allowing the spotlight be on you and get to creating the life you really do want to live!

Get to asking for what you want out of every area of your life and stop downplaying you!

Stop downplaying your desires and needs.

You do not serve that many people that way!

You do not make money that way!

Remove the shackles that bind you to a boring, mundane life!

You are born for adventure, for travel, for wealth, for abundance!


You spend so much time worrying about not making the wrong choice?

Worrying about whether you are being too much?

Whether people will like you or not?

Let all of that go – YOU ARE BORN FOR GREATNESS and it is on you to get over your internal fucked-up nonsense and choose instead to be the leader you KNOW YOU WANT TO BE!

This is your life, you know!


Are you really not even going to play full-out?

Are you really not going to go all in?

Are you going to keep giving into the imposter syndrome?  Keeping everyone at arm’s length because you are so scared that they will get close and see that you are flawed!

Of course you have some flaws!  But so what?

You also have incredible strengths!

Come on now!


Such greatness within you – OWN IT!

Such power within you – UNLEASH IT!

Stop listening to the crazy voice inside, Make your voice of greatness and power more loud than the crazy voice of doubt.

Stop acting from the fear.

See yourself as the powerful person you are created to be and act as that person day in, day out…

Tell your people how you can help them.

Let them KNOW in no uncertain terms that you are able to support and help them.


And in the telling, remind yourself who you really are!

And choose now to live up to it.

You are born for greatness.


Do not go to the grave with regrets that you kept playing the small game.

It is your time.

It really is your season!

Step the fuck up and shine!


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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