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How you did life to this moment, is okay but it has not allowed you to step into the life you desire

You are not free to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want

You are not fulfilled in the way you spend most of your time each day

You are certainly not financially abundant - It feels like you always have to limit yourself based on the balance in your bank account

And the love you are experiencing right now is very conditional on you doing certain things in a certain way to keep the people in your life happy

It is time for a rebirth so that prosperity in all its forms become your natural state and here is how you do it.

In this audio program, we start with this verse - 

"Before a person can perceive the kingdom realm (of prosperity, joy, peace), they must first experience a rebirth"

We are going to dive deep into this and a few more verses. Leave your religion at the door because this goes way deeper into the true spiritual meaning of the verses and it goes way beyond anything you may have heard in the past.

This is for those spiritual people who are open to wisdom of the ages to claim the prosperous life they desire today.

This is for spirit-driven people who know they are meant for more and are ready to be immersed in how to get that 'more'.

It is time for your rebirth!


You receive 2 audios + summary sheet + affirmation/visualisation audio immediately

✅ You will realise who you truly are and it is bigger than you think. As you allow your rebirth to your true design, you will begin allowing more prosperity into your life  

✅ You will realise that the way you have done life to date, has limited you and you will understand how to change that immediately. You will get on a path of rapid spiritual growth because the calling on your life is significant. This program will support you in making the shift.

✅ You will start your immersion in a new, more prosperous way of being and thinking and acting. This will result in more abundance showing up in all areas of life as you begin to realise you do not and have never needed to settle for less than what you truly desire.

✅You will understand why life has felt tough and how to fix it. You will realise that some of the things you thought were wrong about you, were completely fine but your conditioning and the rules you were immersed in, made you feel out of place.

✅ And you will have a few simple exercises to use to work that inner power so that the rebirth takes root in your soul and you start to manifest different results in your outer, physical reality.  


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Order Summary
The Rebirth

Order Summary
The Rebirth

Hey! I am Rosemary Nonny Knight - the Prosperity Minister.

I work with driven spiritual people who know they are meant for more but feel stifled by self-doubt, low self-trust and low self-esteem. I empower you to leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past and to rise victorious in your true design life.

I believe your TRUE DESIGN life is one of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and it is a LOVE-DRENCHED life.

However, I see so many spiritual people living well beneath this concept and I feel called to call you back to your throne by reminding you of who you are and giving you very clear strategies to take back dominion over your life and your affairs.