Are you one of those that thinks that people will read your mind and give you their money?


If you do not ask, then you do not get.  So, ask, ask, ASK in every way, every day, multiple times a day – Just get it done!  See yourself as an aggressive online sales machine and stop taking no for an answer.  Fall in love, absolute love with your prospective customer and do whatever it takes to help them make the right choice of buying into you and buying whatever it is you are selling them – Your message or your product, service, whatever!


And that, my dear, is why so many ministries do not make it for the long haul.  You tell me you have a message of hope and joy for people but then you think that they are just going to give you their time because you have that message?  And the crazy thing is that you are so shy about delivering it, that no one even knows you exist!  And then you tell me that you are waiting on God to give you the go ahead!  PLEASE!

Do you have something of value or not?

Then shout it from the rooftops and invite people to buy into you and your message!  Man, EVEN JESUS went right to the heart of where His people were and upset quite a few of them with His polarizing message.  HE SOLD HIMSELF POWERFULLY and He even died for the message in the end – Do you have anywhere close to that amount of passion?  Really!  Because honey, if you do not, then please stop deceiving yourself and go get a job.  Sorry to be so harsh but can you not see that the organisations that exist have a powerful leader at the helm.  One who has had to say things, do things that most will not even completely agree with until they saw the success that this person started to have, until the message resonated in the right hearts.  If you do want to help a lot of people, then put yourself aggressively into the marketplace and call in your people.  Then create a few products, events and ask them to buy!  Yes, I know you think it is wrong to do that but really, do you want to HELP PEOPLE OR NOT?!


“But Rosemary”, you say, “I am asking for the sale at the end of my blog post each day, like you said.”

Well, great, you have made a start.  Now ramp things up.  If you are still not getting the sales then you are not asking in a way that gets people to respond. So ask again and again, and AGAIN.  Use videos to ask, use live streams to ask, use emails to ask, use interviews to ask.  Increase your audience and ask. Send private messages and ask.  Brainstorm new ways and ASK!

Keep telling people exactly why they need it.

Ask and ask and ask!!!!


There is a part of you that doubts your right to ask for the sale and you keep acting or not acting on that.  You somehow think you are alone in feeling too pushy or aggressive and so you hold back…

And if you are completely honest, there is a part of you that is not sure that your thing is all that good and so again you hold back.  You are worried about people not liking you and so you hold back.  You feel bad today and so you hold back.  You don’t think you know what to do next and so you hold back.  Your friends may think you are horrible and so you hold back.  You worry what God will think of you and so you hold back. You did not make the sales last time and so now you doubt yourself and you hold back.

And I tell you to STOP INDULGING in the nonsense!

You are not the only one to feel all the above things but it comes down to this – Are you determined to win or not?  If yes, then get over the nonsense and WIN!  The chances are that your thing is EXACTLY What some people need and want, but they do not know you exist and you are now making decisions based on people who do not buy from you. What nonsense!

Get over it and get back to showing up powerfully.  Again, brainstorm ways to ask for the sales and Get to work making it happen.  Do not take no for an answer – Show up and show up and show up!!!!! Pick yourself up again and keep moving forward…

There is no excuse not to win.

You are a winner after all.

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Find out more and join in at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/5C

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

Because you want to!

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