I Am Here For A ReasonLife gets confusing when people believe there is no reason for their life.  So, my truth is that I really do not believe there is no order to life, I find it difficult to believe that there was once a bang and then organised chaos happenned.

Maybe, I am naive… but it seems too impossible to me.

Whether you are in business or not, whether you were born 15 years after your older sibling was born, whether life has thrown its worst at you, there is still a reason for you being here.

There is a purpose to you.  You are not a mistake.

Your business has a purpose, your life has a purpose.  You are here on this planet, at this time, for a reason.  Planning went into it.

So… while you are here, choose everyday to live in your purpose.  All those dreams, visions that live within you, choose to discover them, choose to implement them, choose to reveal yourself to the world in a big or a small way.

Enjoy the person you are.

And sing this with me.

I am here for a reason
There is purpose to my life
Everything I do is part of a big plan
There is purpose to my life

I choose everyday to live in it
I’m a carrier of hope

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