One reason to live deliberately

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We are all part of great big world.  We all want better for our families.

However,we need to remember that the quest to better ourselves cannot just be to benefit ourselves and our families.  There is a whole world out there without the options we have.  Take a look at this video I came across as I went through my twitter feed.

The Video was obtained from here.

Imagine a place where your children are dying or brain damaged as a result of the work they have to do in order to eat.  You live in a place made with poisonous materials and there seems to be no escape.

When I think of these issues, I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to live in this country where my children can generally live safe, fun-filled lives.  However, I am originally African and I cannot help but think that I must do well so that I can help.  It could so easily have been my kids or I.

I remember hearing a statistic once that stated that the 8 richest people in the world could actually end world hunger!  Imagine that – EIGHT people could feed the world.  Amazing, isn’t it? The truth is, however, that we could all play a part.  What if we all started to live deliberately?  What if we took life in both hands and really decided to step up our game.  What if we opened our eyes to the people around us and chose to make a difference to someone, anyone.  Surely a wave of paying it forward could make an incredible difference to the world at large.  We cannot leave it to eight people.

Ok, Ok, so I have no intention of popping back to my third world roots and getting stuck in.  I feel like I have done my bit for society in that respect 🙂 . I listen to people soooo excited about going to this nation or the other to serve the people and I offer them my prayers and sometimes financial support.  But it is just not me.  I used to worry that I was too selfish and I would get sent to some ‘back of beyond’ country just because I did not want to go 😀 .  Now I am comfortable with knowing what I like to do and what I do not.  I still have a part to play though.

Thankfully, everyone is not like me.  Some people want to make a hands-on difference to the world.  I want to inspire people to make that hands-on difference, I want to fund people to make that hands-on difference.  I want to be in the position to do that.

What of you?

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