You Really Do Just Have To Get On With Doing The Work, You Know?

You Really Do Just Have To Get On WithI am always so surprised by how much people try to avoid doing the work. The truth is, I am talking to myself as much as I am talking to anyone else.


It can be one of the most difficult things to do just to get the work done, the right work not the work you do when you are trying to avoid the actual work you should be doing.


I hate to use the word ‘should’ because in a perfect world we would all only do what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it, but the thing is, it is never really that simple, is it?


There are things we do want to do but we get scared about actually doing them so we use all manner of delaying tactics which might even include doing things we HATE doing so that we do not do what we actually WANT to do.


And it is always in some way related to fear.


Silly, we can be at times!


Imagine you spent all the time you spend avoiding the real work just doing it instead?


How much further along would you be?


How much further along would I be?


I hate to imagine!


How much more money could you be making if you had just started the work a year ago, 3 years ago, 10 years ago?


And now, instead of looking at people your age, or younger than you, who have it all made, you could be one of those people really living a life you love.


It is within all of our reach to live that life if we will just face down our fears, doubts, limiting craziness and DO THE WORK!


The other mistake people make is that they keep trying to learn all the latest tips, tricks, and strategies without actually working on the reason why you are not doing the current work with the knowledge you have.


They keep looking for a magic bullet solution that once they do will make all the difference immediately – The curse of instant gratification.


And this works both ways – Some people keep doing all the personal development in the world hoping, hoping that somehow something they learn will instantly solve all problems and give them all the money they want in their super successful business with no effort from themselves.


We need to do both!


We need to face down both things – both the woo-woo stuff and the proactive ‘down to earth’ stuff or else we do not get where we want to go.


It is 2015 – Let’s leave behind the mistakes of the past and actually choose to DO THE WORK and hopefully by now, you know I mean the WHOLE WORK, not just half of it.


Want to do it with me?


Then The League of Warriors could be exactly what you need to face down your inner demons and also get the practical stuff done.


Find out more by watching the video at the top of the page and get in touch with me.

Lets explode your income, fight and get the life you want and start right now!

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