Reality is reality – Hiding your head in the sand does not make it go away

Face reality

What are you hiding from?

What are you trying to pretend, is not happening to you?

What do you keep hoping will disappear if you just ignore it long enough?

You bury your head in the sand and hope that this looming fear hanging over you will go poof! And be gone from your life forever.

In the meantime, it is obvious to everyone except you, that it is not going anywhere.

Maybe it is your business…

You keep trying to pretend it is doing ok and you can pull it all together by yourself and so you keep pushing, you keep pulling, you keep ultimately doing the same old nonsense that you have been doing for so very long and unsurprisingly…


Or maybe it is your relationships…

Those arguments with the partner keep escalating and you keep thinking it is just a phase. Nothing to worry about and yet, at the back of your mind, there is a niggling feeling that all is not well but you ignore it…


Let me tell you – Reality is reality – You can try to hide from it but it is still reality and until you face it squarely, you leave yourself open to a great big fall.

And if you are like most people, they look for someone external to blame!

No, honey, there is no one to blame. You knew you were avoiding the issue, you really did know and in the dead of the night when no one is looking, you lie in bed wondering why you did not do anything about it sooner

Why you did not fix it before it imploded on you?

Listen, it is not too late to face it head on.

No longer hide from the elephant in the room.

Look at it squarely and if you cannot do it alone, get some support to enable you stop hiding from your issues.

You are a person of great possibility, great potential, great ability. However these open loops hanging around you tie you up and cause you to work at half pelt.

That is not what you want, is it?

You want it all…

You want to conquer!

You want a thriving business…

You want amazing relationships…

You want to be super healthy and vital…

So you can no longer hide!

Come out from the shadows and be a warrior.

Fight for the life and business you want.

It is within your reach, It is absolutely possible but you must face things head on and claim your victory over them.

You will realize that when you start to face them, they are really nowhere near as scary as you thought they were.

They are just paper tigers.

Fight on! Warrior!

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