“Reach the end of you and see that there is no end”

Those were the words I heard and wrote in my journal this morning as I communed with the Divine…

It was a call to more adventure

A call to greater expansion

A call to more experiences

A call to take even more limits off…

It inspired me

I can get so caught up in trying to be like spiritual mystics of old

I am, of course, not completely like them

I have no intention of going off into a desert somewhere and living on bread and water forever, while whipping my body into submission…

I can get so caught up in trying to be like super-rich business empire owners you see in the movies, all full of damaged relationships and addictions

I am, of course, not completely like them

I have no intention of selling my soul to make money, no matter how much

And yet, I am a mixture of both…

I desire both

Success on the inner plane – Complete connection to Papa, a deep abiding KNOWING that I am loved and total fulfilment as I live to my true design

Success on the outer plane – Access to lots of money to do whatever I desire whenever I desire it and deep relationships with people I love and enjoy, total health to fully experience it all

That is what I desire

That is what I create

And I continually come back to an acceptance of both

It feels like the world would try to box you up on one side or the other…

And so whatever I seek to read and study seems to try and denigrate the other side…

The world tells us that we can be spiritual but have to renounce all worldly things


The world tells us that we can be rich but give up any mention of spirituality

It is changing for sure…

But not fast enough.

I feel the Divine whisper to me that BOTH is ok

And to settle fully into it

No guilt

No shame

Boldly be BOTH

And allow myself to go deeper and wider into both inner and outer success

And as I explore, I realise there is no end to either

There are only self-imposed limits to be broken through

And that can be scary as ideas that I once held sacred, are discarded

No one gets to determine my path for me

There are certainly lessons to be gleaned from other’s experiences

But really, it comes back to diving deep into who I am

Diving deep into what I am here to create

And as Papa says, I can reach the end of me and see that there is no end.

I recommit to this journey

What would that look like for you?

To fully allow yourself to go all in on reaching the end of yourself?

Most live very confined lives…

Full of fears and limitations

Some religious

Some cultural

Some environmental

Some just the result of faulty, passive thinking

What would it look like to deliberately design a life of freedom, fulfilment and abundance?

To stop saying no to yourself based on how much money you have or don’t have

To stop saying no to yourself because you think it is not the done thing and makes you look bad

To start saying YES to the desires of your heart, whatever they look like

To really truly trust that you are loved and deeply cared for and supported by infinite intelligence

What would that look like?

I work with spirit-driven folk to start or grow their own businesses because I believe it to be a powerful route to freedom. It is a great pleasure to lead them out of the comfort zone and to what they consider to be the very limits of themselves, only to find that there is MORE!  It is awe-inspiring to see what people are capable of, when they dare…

And yet, I see many many others who would say they deeply desire change and still continue to sit on the fence because they are scared to dare to reach the end of their comfort zone, how much more the end of themselves…

They are addicted to their stories of burnout, anxiety, stress and exhaustion the last time they tried anything (Forgetting that they just did more physical work and completely ignored their true design)

They have all the information but none of the follow through because the fear is overwhelming and controls their every move

Such a pity to see.

The call goes out to those who will hear…

There is no end to you

You are more powerful than you realise

You have access to limitless wisdom

You are already safe, loved and fully supported – You do not need to make that your aim


The ‘Prosperous in all areas’ life awaits!

And before you go, are you a spirit-driven person who would like to make over $5K or £3k each month in your online business? Come work with me in the OPULENCE CIRCLE and let’s bring this to life rapidly.


Much Amazing Love


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