So, you put a security lock on it & now want me to take it off, do you? Customer Service at its worst!

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Customer Service Fail

Yep, I had one of those shopping visits which turned into a bit of an annoyance really.  I did keep my cool but I must admit it seemed pretty strange.

Let me give you a few of the details –

Today, the Knight tribe are in France with the ‘in-laws’  who have a pretty amazing house down in the South of France.  Pretty Cool!

We decided to go shopping with the princesses and that was going well.  We stopped in McDonald’s for lunch, sat in the sun while the little darlings popped into the play centre that all McDonalds seem to have here in France.  (We love it!)

And then we popped to a large supermarket to buy some foodstuffs and the chocolate I absolutely must have whilst on holiday (well, actually, whilst anywhere at all!)

On our way through the supermarket as we tried to make sense of the various non-english labels ( I do find that pretty difficult 🙂 ), we came across some pretty amazing shoes for T, my oldest girl.  They were Skechers and they were soooo colourful and they shone every time her foot touched the ground so…

Needless to say, she wanted them. (and actually, I wanted them too! – none in my size)

So, we picked them up, got the rest of our shopping and went to pay.  This should be the simple part, right?


Instead, we are left waiting and waiting for the staff to figure out a way to cut through the solid wire strapped to the shoes in the name of security!!!

Security?!  It was so secure we almost did not buy it!  Pretty silly, if you ask me!

Make buying easy – Customer Service at its best!

So, how does this apply to you?

I think you probably get the message…

When people come to buy from you, make it pretty simple to complete the sale.  No complications, make sure your staff know how to get the security wires off.

Do not lose a sale because you have not thought through the process of the customer getting the stuff.  That is just plain silly!

We could have walked off except neither of us wanted the wailing of T as we left without the shoes she had set her heart on.  So we waited for about half an hour or so, holding everyone behind us up, with the kids getting crankier by the second and I certainly did not have a smile on my face.

Just plain silly!

Peeps, think through your processes.  Get that customer service working for you.

And to end, would you like some help thinking through your processes?  Then here is my invitation – Invitation

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