The princesses and I have started a new regimen at #KnightTowers.

It is the ‘BE DONE WITH SCHOOL BY 2’ regimen.

I say ‘we’ started a regimen but really, I MADE THEM follow my glorious instructions, whether they liked it or not.

And they did not completely like it.

But hey ho, so it goes.

My princesses have me to support them in putting first things first but who does that for you?

Who helps you see when you are allowing the agenda of others to take you off path?

There are some things that you get caught up in that feel so bad that you KNOW you are off course.  And you get away from that quickly. Wahey!

But there are many many subtle things that do not seem all that bad.

In fact, there may be many pressures to keep these things going because that supposedly makes you a good, nice person.

And so then you make excuses for why you have not done what you said you would do to create your vision.

And time keeps on ticking along.

It does not wait for you.

It assumes you are doing what you want.

But are you?

You are the one with all the choices.

You are the one with the say.

Is this what you want to be doing with your time?

Is this really the best use of your time?

Does it even make you happy?

Or do you tell yourself that ‘being happy’ does not matter?

Today is the day you can choose expansion.

Today is the day you can choose YOU!

Freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance & love await.



I invite you to greater freedom.

Freedom from arbitrary rules.

Freedom to create the life you desire.

Freedom to be who you want to be.

Freedom to do what you want to do.

Freedom from the tyranny of fear and self-doubt.

Freedom in every area of your life.

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Much Amazing Love

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