The work you are called to do, is enough

Do not downplay it

Do not belittle it

Do not compare it to another’s work and think that yours is somehow not good enough

Or not relevant enough

Or not needed by the world enough

It is not true.

The work you feel drawn to do, is enough…

Many choose not to do their true work because of finances…

They forget who their source is…

They think their only source of supply is in the work of their hands

And so they count their true work too flimsy

Too unreal

Too nonsensical to put out into the world

And they settle for anything that will make them a little money

And yep, that is all they get – a little money

As well as a lifetime of yearning for something more

A pain inside that is never healed…

And all because they refuse to see that the work they are called to do, is enough

All because when it comes down to it, they are afraid that they will be left destitute

They are afraid that it will not work for them

And so, it does not work

Because they never really give it their all

They give all their energy to maintaining a life they dislike

They wake up thinking they have no choice

They go to bed feeling like victims of circumstance

That does not have to be you

You are the deliberate designer of your life

You are powerful enough to create what you desire 

First, allow yourself to begin creating the desires of your heart

Stop telling yourself that you cannot

Do you not understand yet that your vision is not there to taunt you?

It is yours to create and live prosperously from, if you will dare to do it…

Many scoff at the idea of making money doing what you love…

They tell you not to buy into the dream

And so the alternative seems to be to buy into hell instead

A hell created by your own hands where you just go through the motions each day

Doing what others have told you will create you wealth

Wondering when your turn will come

Just imagine for a second with me, a life where you are going ALL IN on your calling…

Where daily you are figuring out how to serve more people with what you have

Where you are not continuously judging yourself and finding yourself wanting

And instead, you simply follow the inner voice that tells you to do this then do that then do the other

Surely, you recognise that there are over 7 billion people on the planet and even if those right next to you do not desire your thing, there will be at least 6 billion more that you can reach…


And then imagine again with me, a world where everyone is doing that…

Refusing to be tied to any one location or to any one job

But rather living to their true design wherever it takes them

Imagine a world where people are not stuck any longer trying to do what will make them money

But instead they are doing what they love and simply asking people to pay them for it.

Recognizing that some will, some won’t – SO THE HECK WHAT?

There are enough people who desire what you have, if you will persist in finding them

And the more people you serve, the more money you will make

So allow yourself to truly prosper

Allow yourself to have a life that feels great

Stop settling for scraps when you are born for abundance.


Simply dare to open up your prosperity consciousness (

And begin taking action (

You complete the picture of the planet

Please live to your true design

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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