I Want To Promise You The World… But I would be lying…

Have it all, Make money, promise you the world

The ‘right’ way to market to you is to tell you all the things you want to hear.

You want to hear that it is easy and simple to attract customers.

You want to hear that if you do this, this, this then that, then money will drop from the sky and you will become rich in two days flat!

You want to know the exact process from here to there to create all the wealth in the world…

And frankly, you want someone else to do it all for you so that you can make money in your sleep…

And lots of people offer that and even I have been known to say things like this because I know it is what you want to hear…

And my truth is that I really do want to take away all your burdens and offer you the wealthy life on a platter…

I do want to make it easy for you!

I do want you to see that abundance is more than possible in all areas of life – Your money, your relationships, your business, your work, your physical health, everything…

I do want you to see that you have a purpose, a reason, a bigger impact to make on the world if you will just get past your stuff!

I do want you to see that and I do want it to be easy for you.

And yet… I know that it is not always easy for me and unless you take the bull by the horns and choose to stay on the path regardless of how difficult it gets in the meantime, none of the above will happen for you!

Unless you truly take on being a warrior, everything else we do together will not result in anything good for you because you will quit when you do not get instant gratification.

And I cannot give you instant gratification.

There is hard work involved in breaking free from the bad life (the unsatisfying life) in order to start living the good life!

There is damned hard work involved!

And as much as I want to protect you from it, I cannot! And I would not be doing you a good service if I did!

In order to really, truly experience the good life and be able to create it easily all the time, you must take full responsibility to do the work ( and not just any work – the RIGHT Work!)

To do the work even when it feels like nothing is working!

Even when it feels like it would be easier to quit because the truth is, on some days, it will feel like that!

The greatest battle you will face is the one going on in your head.

It is not that the formulas and the ‘step by steps’ do not work…

It is that you will find it hard to stay on course when all around you feels like it just ain’t working!

Inside your mind, you will create stories about how nothing ever works for you.

You will create stories about how you are not good enough

You will create stories about how you are not worthy of having that great relationship, making loads of money and all the good things you want in your life.

And those stories are the things that you will have to overcome in order to get the results you want!

And that is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do!

Because most days, you will not even be aware that a crazy story is going on in your head and that it is stopping you from taking the action that you need to take to get the results you say you want!

The people that experience success in any area of life keep walking through their own internal stories and face down their own internal battles and they keep going towards the life and business they want!

The people that don’t experience success believe their own stories of lack and give into it and then spend the rest of their life proving that their false story is true.

The people that don’t experience success blame others for their failings instead of seeing that unless you choose very deliberately to keep moving forward, come what may, then you will never see the success you dream of.

And, no, I am not just talking about money, I talk about every area of your life!

You may make lots of money but have the worst relationships or be very unhealthy, is that really success?

Honey, I want it all for you, I really do because I KNOW that abundance is available to anyone and this world we live in, needs people who are ready to fight and never give in. You are needed to make the world better for my kids and for yours so what I can do is give you the foundational information on which successful businesses are built and also, help you see the lies you are believing that keep you from your good.

You, however, MUST choose to implement!

You MUST choose to surround yourself with warriors who will keep you on track because you have every possibility of giving up, of settling for a lot less than you are capable of, if you try to be a lone wolf.

If you try to do this life and hero’s journey alone, you will almost definitely quit!

Maybe, what I say sounds flowery and silly but you know, deep down inside that what I say is true!

So make your choice, honey!

Are you all in or are you out?

Are you willing to do what it really takes or are you just along for the ride until it gets tough?

Yes, I want to promise you the world and yes, you can have it but YOU must do what it takes to claim it.

Are you ready?

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