334k people making lots of money while living to their true design

So therefore I am committed to producing a heckuva lot of training in sales, marketing, deep connection to the Divine & purpose and intuition and product creation and selection and all things audience and business growth.  Sometimes, I will jump on the phone, for free, with a few people in my community to help them put strategy in place and help them manage their blind spots.  I will even get experts in various subjects to come on over and speak to the Deliberate Millionaires, on their subject. You cannot be free if you don’t have money so this is a biggie, whether it is books you want to write or music, art, a product, service, whatever!

And I do know a lot of the 334k do not really consider themselves business owners but the truth is, the only way to live out the call on their life is to get very entrepreneurial about it, whether in a career or business!

334k people loving life

I think that if you love life then you will have more of a positive impact on the world because happy people send out happy vibes.  Some religion does seem to teach that we should not love life, after all, you are going to die sometime and then have a happy eternity in heaven, I disagree.  I think you can enjoy life now and also enjoy whatever is next.  The next life does not obliterate this one.  Wake up, people!  Time to love THIS life!

334k people free of guilt, shame, fear of punishment

Guilt- YUK! what the hell is the point of feeling guilty?  How does it help you or anyone else for that matter?  Guilt makes you less effective so time to shed it.  Shame about who you are is also not helpful.  Any mistakes made are already done!  neither guilt nor shame will take back the deed so forgive yourself, forgive others, be happy, love life, be free!  then you can do something to correct anything you want to, if you still want to.

Fear of punishment usually related to religion and hell and all that stuff.  How can a God of Love dump you FOR ALL ETERNITY in hell?  How can a God of Love want you to love him only because you are scared you will go to hell if you don’t?  How can that be love in anyway?!  Sorry but I am done with believing or teaching about that particular lie.  I love God but that god of punishment is just not real.  It is just punitive, harsh human beings putting their own take on God and failing dismally.  Imagine a world where 334k people free of these emotions lived out their purpose!!! Imagine the impact they would have on their communities, their countries, their families! Woohoo! Powerful!

334k people helping some other person in their world by simply being themselves and living their “because I want to” purpose

Some people think it is selfish to do what you want but I think it is silly to build a life doing what you don’t because you are so worried about whether you will still be loved or worried about hell (already talked about that!).   If you have not read my post on the ‘Because I want to’ lifestyle then I think you should

Surely you see that you are more effective when you are doing work that you love to do, rather than just doing things because someone, somewhere told you that that is what good people are supposed to do!!!

So much resentment when you do that!  You have a particular reason for being here and it will be built on things you want to do, things that come a little more naturally to you and you will help more people just by being that most natural version of you.

334k people enjoying their sexuality and being their most creative charismatic confident self.

– Aaaah sex, glorious sex – Something that can be such a source of pain for many or guilt for others or crazy over-indulgence because it all seems so naughty when really, it is just like the sense of smell – Normal, natural and a healthy part of life.  And also, OH SO POWERFUL in producing new ideas, making you incredibly confident.  Leaders are always highly sexual but a lot of leaders try to drown it out because of religion or past hurts or some other thing.  Lots of sexual crimes would be reduced if people just loved themselves and their sexuality without all the judgement and such.    And anyway, as a leader, you need to be healthy in this area to be your most effective self.  I learnt this the hard way.

334k people connected to Spirit and tapping into intuition and wisdom

Surely, you can see that you were created by something more powerful than you?!  I always wonder how anyone can really truly doubt that.  What?!  There was a big bang and then here you are!!  Really?! with such intricate design, I don’t think so!  I don’t care to prove anything because I know that I cannot but then neither can you, unbelieving silly person!  I feel something more.  I speak to him.  I know He is there (or she).  And that is enough for me.  I also know that people do better when they recognise that they are not alone in this.  They have access to incredible wisdom and power when they choose to tap into it.

334k people seeing more of the world to expand their mind

So much small thinking in the world is a result of only ever listening to the people around you.  What if you ACTUALLY WENT and saw other cultures and other ways to live?  Would you still think the same way you do?  I don’t think so.  So much of the silly Trump, Brexit nonsense is just people so consumed with their own assumed entitlements based on what they can see around them.  Time to wake up to the fact that we are part of a global world and all that seems so important when you are stuck in your own little bubble is just not the big picture.  There is a whole world out there to explore – I think everyone should!

334k people loving themselves and loving their neighbours enough to get over their bullshit

– LOVE YOURSELF man! Woman!!!  LOVE YOURSELF!  so many problems would be solved if children were not taught that silly chorus “Jesus first, yourself last and others in between’.  Now I recognise that you may not have learnt that but you probably learnt the principle which was that your opinion and YOU were last in place to everyone else if you were to be a good person.  What utter nonsense!  You can only truly love and serve others if you love yourself!  Otherwise, it is just the blind leading the blind and guess where that ends up?!  In a ditch somewhere!

It is not selfish to love yourself!  It is IMPERATIVE!  When you love yourself, you can love others and you can get over all those internal holdbacks that keep you from living a full life.  Choose to do it today.  One client of mine’s business is blowing up since this client started saying to themselves ‘I love myself’ repeatedly.  So simple and yet the impact is incredible.

334k people living life deliberately and powerfully

– Everything above!

334k people changing the world for my kids, your kids, my kid’s kids etc etc!

because of everything above!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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