Pricing yourself out of business

From time to time, I work with people who price themselves low because they are scared to ask for the price they want.


They work their fingers to the bone for peanuts and all the while, they are not making enough to cover their costs.


Not a great way to build a business.


If you are in this business to make a difference, then understand that you will not remain in business long unless you figure out how to ask for what you are worth.


If you are in business to support your family, it will only be a matter of time before you are asked by your partner to go get a real job because all you are really doing is creating a lot more expenses for the family.


If you are in business because you enjoy what you do, then you will soon enough stop enjoying it as you keep attracting the wrong kind of clientele who do not appreciate the effort you put into serving them. There really is a correlation between how much someone one spends on your product/service and how much they value it or you.


The longer you stay in business, the longer you will realize that bargain hunters can be pretty tough to work with as they want so much for so little. You will have to cut corners to compete in that market.


The other problem you have when you keep pricing yourself so cheaply is that ultimately, you are sabotaging yourself.


All the hopes, the dreams, the ideas you have that you KNOW could help people will be swallowed up in trying to keep this monster of a business going at its current revenue levels and the chances are that finally, you will give it up as a bad job or your whole life will be swallowed up by it so no room for creativity and innovation in what you do.


Is that really the kind of business you want?


I certainly hope not…


Dare to change it.


Dare to increase your prices by a minimal 10% and see what happens to your bottomline and even your customer base.


Dare to ask for a lot more than you normally would when you go to get that tender. Believe in the value you bring to the table and choose to ask for what you KNOW it is worth not just what you think people will pay.


Let them surprise you.


And surprise yourself by suddenly, increasing your bottom line with one smart move – Increase that pricing.


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