If only it felt safe to follow through on the call on your life…


But it does not! It feels scary…


It feels big!


It feels like it will eat you up and spit you out!


It feels like Spirit has jumped ship and left you alone in the middle of the ocean!


And so you sit on the edge of the boat and wait for someone to come rescue you…


“If I could just see the end from the beginning then maybe I would feel more certain about beginning” or so you tell yourself…


Well actually you can predict the future!…


Answer me this: Do you intend to stay on track, to push through, to fight with yourself when you just want to lie down and give up, to spend what seems like your last dime to follow the call?


Do you intend to build an audience even when it seems like no one cares and no one is listening?


Will you send out those emails even when the last one resulted in some fool telling you to go to hell?


Will you press ‘LIVE’ on FB and do that livestream where you share your message despite the fact that no one even cares enough to show up for you?


Will you invest in yourself and work with that mentor/coach even when it feels like the silliest thing to do, when every dime needs to go towards paying down some debt or bill or the occasional pleasure?


Will you show up again for the ‘n’th time because you simply CAN’T NOT?! There is an urgency in you and you simply MUST! You believe so much in what you have to offer that you will KEEP SHOWING UP or you will DIE TRYING?!


Or do you intend to quit when the going gets tough? Retreat to comfort, be the same as every other wannabe purpose-driven ‘potential history maker’ peep that either never starts or gives up at the tenth hurdle and tells themselves that they tried?


Yes, you can see the end from the beginning and maybe that is why you are not starting…


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