If I could leave you with ONE THING, it would be this.

Practise happiness.

Stop making it a result of what is happening in your life.

Stop waiting for good things to happen first.

It is even more critical that you practise happiness when things are terrible in the physical reality because how the heck else are you going to break that crazy cycle.

And though I say this to you, you will not listen.

It is too simple.

It is too easy.

And so though you say you want a simple, easy life, you will still ignore it and keep asking for and looking for some complicated, convoluted path to prosperity.

And yet, at the very heart of everything you desire is the simple work of practising happiness.

Choosing to FEEL GOOD regardless of anything happening around you.

And yes, there are all kinds of techniques that you can do to practise happiness but the simplest is to stay connected to the Divine.


And Stop doing things that make you sad.

Stop hanging with people that make you sad.

Stop being in places that make you sad.

Simple really and fairly OBVIOUS but will you do it?

Probably not.

At least not until you are desperate enough.

Because you have all these rules that have been conditioned into you.

Choosing happiness is somehow considered weak.

Struggle is the only path to a good life.

God does not want you to be happy in this life, you need to wait until the next life to experience happiness.

It is selfish to opt out of painful relationships.

You should stay in there conflict resolving until you die or simply, just putting up with the nonsense because you are good and kind and spiritual.

You cannot expect to do ONLY what you love and make a good living.

You have to make sure that you are approved of, by the masses or else you will go hungry – They are your source, don’t you know?!

And so on, go the insidious beliefs that keep you trapped in a life so very ordinary even though you claim to want so much more.

Are you about done yet?



Fall back in love with the Divine without all the nonsensical rules and dogma that get in the way of the purity of this relationship.

And as you do that, you will find it pretty easy to be happy,regardless of what is going on around you.

And then, like magic, all the things you desire will begin to appear in your life. just. like. that as you dare to follow the intuitive guidance that you are now clear enough to hear.


Life can be simpler than you think.

Let go of the nonsense.

Only have room for good stuff.

The end.

I teach this in WIN THE WAR WITHIN.

I think you had better come join in.

But only, if you are done with being crazy sad, of course.


Much Amazing Love

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