You are sitting in a dark closet and you are trapped by your fear.

Fear about what you are allowed to have…

Fear about what you have the ability to create…

Fear as a result of your beliefs…

Fear that holds you trapped in a dark place…

And you want freedom.

It is time to shine a light on those dark places and yes, it will be scary and weird and you will want to scream as those hidden places are displaced by truth and yet, you do want to be free, right?

So many lies about whether you are loved, whether you are allowed, whether you are enough – They are all there waiting for you to discover the truth but in the meantime, while you hide from the reality in your heart, they hold you back.  They keep you from taking the next step.  They keep you from your revolution.

And the revolution starts in you!

The revolution starts as you face your own dark places…

Your dark places of unforgiveness and a feeling of unworthiness…

Your dark places of uncertainty as to whether God loves you or not…

Your dark places of anger and fear…

It is time to come out of the closet.

There are some simple truths…


Where your beliefs take you away from this is exactly where the light must be shone.  You have delighted in your weakness because it removes the need for you to step right up and be the champion you are created to be and now, the revolution is coming and in order for you to do the work you are on this planet to do, there is no room for that lie anymore.

They told you that you could not be that powerful.  To be that powerful would make your god less powerful, they said and you believed them.  You tried to fit yourself into a tinier box so that god would not be offended by you and you started to see yourself as offensive.

When there was nothing wrong with you – Nothing at all!

You are created in the image of God, you are powerful!  And you are designed to do POWERFUL things, to impact nations, to be a voice of hope, to reach the hearts of those who are broken and to speak life.

The revolution starts in you!

First you must hear it and you must believe it.

You find it so easy to speak it to another but now it is your turn.  YOUR TURN to receive truth.


Cry for the years you believed a lie and let them go.

Now you know the truth.


He came that they may have life, life in abundance, life in its fullness…

You have heard it and it speaks life to your soul but yet, you look round you and all you see is struggle.  Think back to all the lies you heard and assimilated as truth.

Go on, Think back.

Your parents spoke of lack and poverty and you thought that was your lot.

They maybe even spoke with envy of everyone that seemed to do well.  They told you that it was wrong to do well.  They said that it was better to be honest than to be rich and so you thought you could not be rich AND honest.

Maybe not just your parents, maybe even your teachers, your spiritual guides, most of the people you were surrounded by…

And now, you want to make money, you want to live in abundance and you do not think you are allowed.

The lies still holds you back in that closet.  That dark, lonely, scary closet and again, you must shine a light.

You may even be rich by the standards of many and you feel guilty, you drown it in drink, in anger, in bad relationships, in working yourself to death.

That is not abundance.  That is still poverty and lack.

It is time for the revolution, it is time for an uprising on that LIE.  It has kept you trapped for TOO LONG!



If you say it with honesty, you will feel the resistance…

It is the resistance you have not faced in the past as you took your untruthful beliefs as reality.  Now, you must face it and win.  You must dare to look under the hood.  WILL YOU?  Even if it means questioning every belief you have had to date.  You will even ask yourself why it is necessary to do this work, this deep dark work and it is because you want to be free, right?

Free to live in abundance without measure, right?

Well, it is time for a revolution and it starts inside of you…



This one is a deep, dark wound and one you have carried for a long time.

The lie that you are unloveable.  IT is the deepest of wounds, the darkest of them because if you do not love you, if you do not think you can be loved then what is the point?

Why are you even alive?

YOu have pushed forward because you are that strong person but you have been hindered and bound up by this deep lie.  You have made every event in your life confirm the fact that you are not loveable.  YOu have based every decision on the fallacy that you are not loveable.

And even now as you read this, your closet door is closing.

Pry it open and shine a light.

You must believe that you are loved in order to do the great work you are called to do.

In order to offer hope and love to others, your kids, your partner, your friends, your parents, the people you are on this planet to serve, You must firstly KNOW you are loved.

This is the truth to build your life upon.

There is no mistake about you.

But you must reach out to someone, someone you can trust to offer you love.  It is tough to defeat this lie alone.  I can tell you that God loves you but you will not believe it.  If anything, you might have a bad reaction to that because of all the stuff you have believed.

You need a person with no agenda but your freedom.

Open the closet door, shine a light.

See that child sitting there, waiting for rescue from the dark, scary place.

The revolution begins and it starts in you.

This is for your freedom!


Three truths, three foundations on which to rebuild a life…

Will you do the work of shining a light?

I am available to help you work through this if you are a person who knows that you have a calling to impact lots of people.  Whether through business or ministry, books or music, you know that there is more for you to do.  There has to be a point to the work that we do.  It is not just talk therapy.  It is for your freedom and also for the freedom of those you are called to.

There is a cost attached to working with me, of course and it will pinch but not kill.  You have to be invested in the work.  Time is irreplaceable so I choose to put a price on my time but not on my affection for you if we choose to work together.

I am fairly flexible because this is work that I MUST do – We can work together for one day or for a long time – There are options and it all depends on what you need and also on you taking the first step of reaching out to me.

If you are a leader, ready to do both the internal and external work to live a life of power, abundance and love then message me on Facebook now (

This is not for the faint of heart.

Are you ready to shine a light?

Fight for, create the life you are born to live.

PS – Join the revolution – – We begin Wednesday

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