Pounding the Streets


Yesterday (actually that was Tuesday – Yes I started this two days ago!!) was a busy busy busy day though somewhat differently from my initial hopes.

I woke with purpose in my heart mixed with a WHOLE lot of fear. Therefore the getting up out of bed was a weird mixture of excitement and reluctance.

Drum Roll please!

Today was the day I was going to leaflet the streets of my local area.

And yes, the children were part of the marketing machine. All three of the lovelies!

So with the double buggy in the boot and a bike for V, we headed out to pick up our trusty helpful family friend (FF) who is graciously loaning me his time in return for a little fee.  I had spent the night before trying to decide where I wanted to target and had managed to pick a few streets that seemed to meet my criteria.  Unfortunately, I had not planned enough doors for the millions I, of course, KNEW we were going to leaflet. 😀  I decided a little of something was better than a lot of nothing.  So…

Off we went to pick FF up and then we went to the first street on my list.  Then I proceeded to take out the pushchair, the bike, the Sainsburys’ carrier bag full of snack-y things to pre-empt any “I’m hungry, Mum”, the leaflets and place each of the children in their designated zones and away we went – with FF and I on opposite sides of the road.

There is something really weird about leaflet-ing (at least for me) in that I get pretty nervous about walking up to a door and delivering a leaflet to them.  I am certain the homeowners are going to run out and bash me over the head for daring to sully their letterbox with my ghastly leaflet.  Thankfully, my trusty FF did not have that concern.  He went about his job with gusto while trying to keep an eye on V.  No easy task as she decided that she wanted to cross the roads at varying intervals depending on who she wanted to walk/ride with i.e. Trusty FF or myself.  Slightly nerve-wracking but thankfully V did not attempt any busy roads without asking first.

I, after about the first hundred doors, switched off my internal fears and just blindly ran up and down drives (yes, in between pushing a very heavy pushchair along), posting in leaflets and making eye contact with no one.  The only times I really felt weird were when people were outside their houses and I had to either will them back into their homes (It worked most times!!) or walk up and post it through their letterbox regardless of whether they were looking at me or not. (Heart pumping in my mouth as I waited for the non-existent Bash from behind).

Anyway, we carried on in this manner, with V and E offering to help us deliver the leaflets which unfortunately slowed the process down considerably but they were pretty excited until they realised this was not ending anytime soon and we seemed to walking further and further away from the car.  Then the whines began…

To be continued

“Anyone over the age of 30 loves talking about things they used to do”

Sophie King

I know this has been true for me so, NO MORE I say.  I am going to talk of things I am doing.  The best is yet to come!!

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