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By November 13, 2012November 14th, 2014My Journey, Self Development

A full day, today.  And now I feel so very tired but hey, I thought I would give you all some of my very ‘interesting ‘ thoughts! 🙂

The day started with me rushing to give a talk to a networking group (4Networking) I love to attend but do not get to as much as I would like.  It was a talk entitled ‘Lessons learnt in Property’ and it seemed to go down well. (Thankfully!).  I am not one to shy away from a public speech because I always have a lot to say but it can still be nerve-wracking the first time you do it to people you do not know too well.TMA 2012I even drove the Porsche to the meeting to give me an extra feeling of confidence.  Well, actually, that was for the viewing I had following the business meeting.  I remember a friend telling me that people treat you differently when you drive up in a Porsche and I have to say that it most definitely is true.

Somehow, the appearance of a Porsche gives off a vibe of uber-success (which, of course, would be absolutely true in my case! 😀 ).  The chances are that if I drive THE car to an appointment, I come away with whatever it is I was negotiating for.  It surely is a great tool, though it will probably have to go at some point! – it is a very expensive status symbol!

I truly believe though that it is not just the car that gains me the business I want.  I think, that it is also the more confident swagger I get as a result of driving around in this expensive car and dragging myself out of it in front of a prospect  (the dragging out definitely needs some work and a whole lot more grace).  I feel more confident.  I feel successful and people I speak to, get the same vibe from me.

I suppose the question now becomes how to maintain that swagger and belief in myself all the time.  After all, I am the same person with or without the car.  I know it, well… I know it most of the time.  Ocassionally, the little (not so positive) voice is allowed way too much lee way.

How did we get to the point where that voice is given too much credence in our minds? I think the truth is it is a habit to think of ourselves as less than great and we can form a new habit of thinking of just how amazing we can be when we put our mind to it.  I am re-conditioning my mind every day.

Why don’t you join in as well?


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