That Poor Fig Tree – What NOT To Do If You Want To Create Your Dream Life & Business!

That Poor Fig Tree

Consider this a warning!


And also an encouragement…


In the morning, as Jesus was returning to Jerusalem, he was hungry, and he noticed a fig tree beside the road. He went over to see if there were any figs, but there were only leaves. Then he said to it, “May you never bear fruit again!” And immediately the fig tree withered up.


The Warning – How many gifts, talents do you have that you keep hidden from the world because you are worried, scared etc?


You are created to shine, to bear fruit from the abilities you have within you.


You do not have to be a carbon copy of anyone, you just need to be loud and proud about the person that you are.


The power to create wealth is developed as you do what you are born to do and as you serve people in the process with your unique way of doing things.


If you do not use it, you lose it. Simple as…


And that is the warning…


Yet, can I encourage you by saying that even if to date, you have remained hidden, it is not too late to decide that you will use your ideas, gifts, talents, abilities starting today.


They are latent within you but can be woken up by a decision, a strong decision to do what you dream of doing. Everyone has dreams and hopes but the ones who get to live it are the ones who face down their inner demons and get to work.


Will you be one of those?


“The disciples were amazed when they saw this and asked, “How did the fig tree wither so quickly?”


 Then Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen.  You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.”


Now, here was a man who fully owned his power.


He knew the authority he carried, He knew he was born to be a leader and so he confidently declared that as the tree was not doing what it was created to do then what was the use of it.


He carried faith, He believed that what he spoke about would come to pass and he created his own reality rather than waiting for someone else, something else to decide what his reality would be.


Can you claim to believe so strongly?


Do you dabble at business for a little while and when you do not get the result you want, quit and claim that it cannot work for you?


If that is the case, this rule of faith is still working for you.


You completely believe that your business will not work and so you live it out day in, day out. Even though you go through the motions, it is as though you have spoken death to it.


Change what you think, change what you say about your business.


Really check in with yourself as to what you believe is the reason that you are not successful yet. Don’t shy away from facing the fact that deep inside you are doubtful that it will work.


If this belief is hidden in your psyche then it will keep perpetuating itself in everything you do. I have seen so many clients deliberately sabotage their own success because deep inside they did not believe they deserved it.


They claim to be working all the time but really, they are stuck doing things that do not get results while avoiding the things that could get them what they say they want.


And just by pointing this problem out to them, everything starts to change.


By figuring out the disempowering belief, we are able to convert it into something more empowering and suddenly all their results begin to change.


They change jobs to something more fun and stimulating and with more pay.


They change relationships or create healthy, fun relationships.


They start to write books.


They start to promote their business more deliberately, instead of hiding away in an office somewhere.


Listen, you get what you believe – ONLY ALWAYS!


So what do you believe?


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Fight for, Create The Life & business you want.


(Excerpts are taken from the Bible Matthew 21 (NLT) )

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