Will you keep giving your energy to painful, draining, focus-destroying relationships

Or will you make yourself & your vision a priority?

Will you keep being dragged around by whatever the current thing is, to be dragged around by?

Or will you focus on being love on this planet by unveiling the TRUE DESIGN you, hidden beneath layers of conditioning and programming?


Yes, some will call you selfish.

Others will say you are running from reality.

Some will try to manipulate you back into the fold with all manner of emotional blackmail

But you are the one with all the choices.

You are the one that gets to decide how you want your life to play out.

The Divine will not force you to live to the fullness of your potential

And it will even seem at times, due to your mass mind conditioning, that it is the ‘right’ thing to do to put everyone and their agenda before you and yours.

AWAKEN! I say again.

This is your life and everyone is powerful enough to manage their own stuff without needing your constant ‘saving the world’ skills.

Begin to trust that little whisper inside of you that calls you back home to yourself.


You really truly do.

The world will not stop spinning because you take time to get back in touch with yourself.

Do you not understand that your greatest contribution to the world is YOU in your fullness?

Do you still not see just how valuable you are?

There is no mistake about you being here at this time.

There is no mistake about the dreams and desires inside of you.

And regardless of whatever programming you have been subject to, you are allowed to prosper totally in all these things.

There is no limit to what you can create if you will get on path and begin to learn the skills of prosperity, rather than being in everyone’s business and agenda and just following along with whatever the current mass mind hysteria thing is about.

So many distractions, my love


Be about your OWN business.

Be connected to the Divine and BE ABOUT YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

That is how you will change the world.

Come immerse yourself in empowering ideas for 30 days within the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Come leave behind the pain and the limiting beliefs of the past.

Come rise victorious in your true design life

Take back dominion over your money, your relationships and your mind.

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Much Amazing Love

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