Every where, there are people trying to tell you that you are weak and that you need to chill out and you need to take a break, take it easy, relax, cut yourself some slack and so on and so on.

And you want to listen to them, I know you do – I do too… sometimes.

I used to listen to them all the time…

They’d tell me how I want too much, how I push too hard, how I need to relax and so I thought they were right and I stopped, I chilled, I became less and tried to be sweeter…

And I became passive and life just kept ticking along and nothing much happened except I got more and more dissatisfied with myself and started to feel a little like I was running out of time.

And then the tables turn and you have people telling you that you are too chilled out and you need to do more.

I mean, seriously?!  they are so fickle so why on earth was I listening to ‘them’?

And if you are still living to satisfy anyone else, you too will find it pretty tough because one moment, they want you to chill and then the next moment, they are telling you that you are TOO chilled!

Listen, stop listening to everyone out there and instead listen to you…


Trust that you know what is best for you!

Trust that you KNOW better than anyone what your life needs to be about and for goodness sake, put a demand on yourself, challenge yourself, push yourself to make your dreams happen.

What are you on earth to do?

You know it – You may have forgotten it because you have been listening to soooo many voices but now it is time to remember.

Take a moment, whip out your journal and start writing the answer to the question “What am I here to do?” “What do I want my life to be about?” “What do I want?”

And then take action on anything that comes up.

Stop delaying, stop procrastinating, just get into action.


Do you want to live a life of meaning?

Do you want to impact people?

Do you want to create an abundance of wealth?

Then stop taking the broad road and PLACE A DEMAND ON YOURSELF!

You will surprise yourself with what you can get done if you would just challenge yourself to go beyond what you have done to date.

You are incredibly powerful but you have forgotten this.  It is hard to remember who you were born to be when you have been living to the agenda of those around you for so long…

It is hard to remember just how capable you are when you are trying to fit in, to not be ‘too much’

but now, it is your moment to remember and yes, to place a demand on yourself to be all you can be, FOR YOU!

Your life has meaning and purpose – You just have to decide to live it out. To stop allowing yourself to believe that you have to settle for whatever scraps life throws at you.

You are a warrior, a champion and for too long you have lived like a sheep.

It is time to raise the standard, to raise the bar, to stop settling, to step things up.

There is so much more within you – It is your time to shine.

Place a demand on yourself and refuse to allow yourself to back down from it ever again.

Step up warrior!

The world awaits your awakening!

It is time for you to WAKE UP!

Are you ready?

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Much Amazing Love

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