It can be very interesting being both spiritual and an entrepreneur, especially if your spirituality is actually linked with a religion with all its rules and regulations and traditions.  You get so convinced that there is only one way to do things…

Your natural energy and performance gets blocked up because you are always internally checking if you are allowed to do this, or to do that…

Am I going too far?

Will God still like me?

Am I allowed to be this powerful?

What of my friends?  Will they think I have backslidden?

And then add to all of that, the fact that most people do not really have a close relationship themselves with God so really, your whole life is based on someone’s interpretation of what Spirit, Source, God is saying to you!

And that person may well have been pretty blocked up themselves so why you think they know any better than you what is best, I don’t KNOW?!

I used to be this way…

All full of big ideas that I put a lid on because deep down, I was not sure that God would want me to be so ambitious and in fact, I was told that He wouldn’t and I bought into the nonsense for far too long and even now, every so often, I catch myself retreating into old crazy thinking…

The difference is that now, I can hear God…

I can tap right into wisdom, understanding and more…

And so, I am not easily swayed by opinion any longer!

But what of you?

Can you say that with certainty?

Are you brave enough to go with those feelings inside of you that tell you that you are born for more than just toeing the party line?

Are you brave enough to go with those whisperings inside of you that call you to more?

Or will you keep telling yourself that you need to be more spiritual than this?  Will you keep thinking that ambition is a dirty word?

And so years keep passing you on by and you get smaller, smaller, more and more dissatisfied but instead of fixing the real problem, you drown it out with more ‘spiritual’ activity?  You say all the right words to prevent people from seeing the fact that you doubt it all and it has not given you the promised joy, peace, happiness…

Are you ready to be honest yet?

Because I can assure you of this – The Divine is not the one holding you back!

That is one thing I know for sure!

The Divine made you a high performer!

The Divine wants you to have it all, ON YOUR OWN TERMS and so right now, that is exactly what you are getting!

Life, on the terms you think you can have it!

Are you done with that yet?

You are a high achiever, born to lead, to rule, to impact many, to make a lot and you can have that if you will just handle the blocks inside of you.  Yes, it will take HARD WORK but you ain’t scared of that…

What you are scared of is whether you are allowed to go after it all or whether that will put a wedge between you and Spirit?

But honey, there is already a wedge in place because you are scared that you are unworthy…

You are scared that if you really try to build a connection, He will run off in the other direction because you want too much, you are too ambitious and all he wants is for you to be stifled!


And once you really realise this, your whole life will take off,  you will have the upgrade you long for, your performance will operate at peak levels…

You will stop feeling like a disappointment…

the guilt, shame, fear of punishment will be gone!

You will realise that all of that nonsense was just rubbish handed to you by people living small lives themselves…

Be done with all of that craziness, will ya?

Take the fucking limits off!

Reconnect with the Divine for real because that is your most powerful source of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, clarity…

Let the fear go! No need for it!

Whip out that journal and start writing everything that bubbles up within you –

Have a conversation with the Divine – A real one…

Then act on it!

That is where the transformation and magic lies – YOU HAVE TO ACT ON IT!

You have to dare to stop being the affirmer and be the doer!

Take the limits off and really live life on your terms – Stop doubting that the Divine wants it all for you – HE DOES!

So, for goodness’ sake, MOVE!

Much Amazing Love

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