Your Perception is Reality. Is it time to Reconsider the Way You Look at Things?

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How do you perceive things?  How do you decide what someone does or does not mean?  How do you decide whether things are going for you or against you?  Do you make the wrong decisions because you cannot shake the belief that everyone is against you.

Perception is reaity

Whether you like it or not, your perception is reality to you and what you expect to happen is exactly what you see happen.  It may not be what actually happens but in your mind, you are convinced life is a certain way due to your internal paradigm.

Someone else in the same position as you may choose to look at things differently and therefore get a different result.  Do you notice how people from the same family may be party to the same circumstances and yet perceive it completely differently.  One sibling will choose to succeed as a result of their home circumstances whereas another sibling might choose to use the home circumstances as a reason not to bother.

Same circumstances, completely different perception.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a city called Smithsville.  They were mighty in numbers and yet they were under the thumb of a neighbouring city – Coresville.


It had all begun years and years ago when they had been defeated in battle.  Now, years down the line, the people of Smithsville were so used to being under the thumb of Coresville that they really did not notice that they outnumbered them five to one.


After years of this, some of the young people got fed up of it – You know it is always the young people that start a revolution 🙂 .


They went to the Holy Man who led and looked after the town.  They said “We are fed up of this.  Is there no way that we can get out from under the thumb of Coresville?”


Well, the Holy Man had been waiting for this very thing to happen as he had tried and tried to talk to the people of Smithsville and convince them that this was not the way it had to be.  There were certain rules, prayers and traditions that they had forgotten to perform which would enable them to find freedom from Coresville.


In response to the young people, he decided to call a meeting of all the people of Smithsville.  The idea was for them to pray their hearts out and ask help from the heavens.


As I mentioned, there was a whole lot of them so as they gathered, Coresville heard about it.


Coresville got scared.  They assumed Smithsville was gathering their best fighters to come over and kill all the people of Coresville.  So, they called on their strong warriors to go over there and lay down the letter of the law.  They were charged with the responsibility to bring the Smithsville people back in line.


Did it work?  No, because the warriors of Coresville knew they would be outnumbered when they faced the ‘strong men’ of Smithsville so they wimped very quickly on the way.  Their excuse was there was thunder!


Smithsville was free!!

Notice how both sides of the story had their own faulty perceptions which kept them defeated.  Those perceptions determined the results they obtained and the same is the case for you.

If you consider life to be tough and unrelenting in hardship, you will find circumstances to suit what you expect.

If you consider that people are racist, you will see it everywhere you look

If you decide however to change the way you think and therefore change your perception of things, your reality and your results will change.  Make a choice to look for the good in every situation.

Look for the solution rather than staying stuck in the problem.

Your perception is reality – at least it is YOUR reality and you have the power to change it.

Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.

Jon Bon Jovi

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