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Dear Entrepreneur or Anyone who wants to make more money doing more of what they love,

Let me start by saying that Success can be yours in every area of life!

You know that, right?

You could wake up each day, knowing that you are only going to do things that make you happy and content and fulfilled. You could go to bed feeling at peace with the world, knowing that you, being you, is more than enough.

And yet, this is not the life you are living at the moment, is it?

Right now, you find yourself holding back, hiding your light, being less than you know you are capable of…

And all because, you know that ‘that’ someone is likely to think something negative of you if you just do all the things that you really want to…

  • You think your customers will think that you are all about selling, selling, selling so you never make the offer and you keep offering everything for free!
  • Every day, you are over-committed to other people’s agendas and your agenda is left until you have done everything for everyone else which tends to mean that none of your stuff gets done and your immediate family is possibly feeling pretty neglected.
  • You STILL do not feel qualified enough to do your business the way you want to so you continuously fear being exposed as a fraud and again, you hide yourself and try to blend right in which means no one knows why they should work with you instead of another business owner.
  • You are so fearful of making a mistake so you keep second guessing, asking everyone for their opinion and you are too worried to stand by the strength of your convictions because someone, somewhere might think badly of you.
  • You keep attracting people who need rescuing into your life – No normal healthy relationships for you! OH NO! You have to be saving people all the time…
  • You keep your anger hidden a lot of the time and seem to be cheery but really beneath this thin veneer is a fear that people will not like the real you so you hide yourself away.
  • You want desperately to be authentic but you have been in hiding for so long that you do not even know what it means to be ‘YOU’!

Are you fed up yet of the above people pleasing behaviours being your life?

Are you ready instead to step up and get rid of your people-pleasing personality traits for good and start to make money in a way that makes you feel great and completely ‘you’?

I certainly am!

And I want to invite you to join me on this journey of exploration and transformation as I show you how to give up people-pleasing and start to make a difference and a fortune in a way that feels right for you.

fearless warrior

In case you don’t know, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and for far too long, I was a people-pleaser.

It all started years ago when some woman told me that people liked me more than they liked my sister and all of a sudden, I wanted desperately to keep being ‘liked’ best of all.

And I was willing to do anything to make sure that they liked me!

Except, it was not always that clear cut because I grew up to be considered the rebel in my family!

I have always done what I want to do when I want to do it … but the guilt… the guilt kept eating me alive.

I always felt like I was in the wrong if I was not making everyone happy and doing all they wanted me to do!

And then as I got older and realized that the world was not going to lie down and give me what I wanted, I started jumping through other people’s hoops – At church, at work, everywhere where there were people to please, I pleased them until finally, I broke!

I had to say ‘NO’ to my extended family about some money they wanted because I literally could not afford it, having gone bankrupt a few years before.

After getting yelled at by a family member, I somehow convinced my hubby to come up with some money and I sent it on to them only for it to be thrown back in my face because the amount was too small!

In that moment, I realized that people- pleasing was an absolute waste of time.

The more you try to please, the more people take advantage of you and the less of your own agenda you make happen!

And then you get more & more unhappy beneath the facade as you become less and less like yourself and more and more like ‘THEY’ want you to be!

And yes, your money tends to tell a story as well…

As in, you don’t have much!  And the little you do have, you keep trying to give away to make someone else happy or you feel guilty all the time for not giving more of it away! 

That’s No way to live!

Well, I wish I learnt my lesson there but no, there were many examples of people taking all I had to give and ignoring me when I was unable to do what they wanted anymore.

And I am sure you have those stories too…

However, this is not some kind of ‘blame the world’ type thing! OH NO!

I am here to tell you that WE – YOU & I – CAUSED IT!

We allowed people to treat us badly because we badly wanted and still want their ‘love’ and so we suffer the consequences of that.

So the question is ‘Have we learnt the lesson yet?”

I have had to go on a deep inner journey to really figure out who I am and starting that journey meant I was able to build a successful property business and leave my pharmacist role forever.

At this point, I should tell you that I am perfect and now I never ever people-please ever but then I would be lying.

I am still on the journey, maybe a step or so ahead of you and I want to invite you to come along with me on this journey.

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When working with my private clients who are building huge businesses, the thing that almost always gets in the way is the need to people-please.

And it holds them back! –

These people-pleaser personality traits can show up in something as simple as refusing to put their face on their Facebook Page because they are worried they will be judged…

In not making that phone call because they feel they cannot handle people not saying ‘YES’

Or even not making that phone call because they think that prospects will not like the sound of their voice!

Crazy! Right?

And this is the thing, I know you.

You have something along these lines holding you back as well…

Somewhere you are pretty terrified that people will see you for what you are and not like it so you hide, you blend in, you remain vanilla.

And it is boring!

It keeps you struggling in lack!

And more than that, it keeps you dissatisfied and unfulfilled with your lot in life!

And it is enough!

There is power, fire within you and you need to let it out!

There is a multiple 6 figure business in you if you will let your real self come alive…

And if you will just get on with doing exactly what you are born to do!

Who the hell cares what anyone thinks?

Oh yeah! You care!

Are you ready for that to be over?!

I have already begun – Are you ready to join in? Click the Button Below if you are determined to stop conforming, capitulating and holdin gback on creating the rich lifestyle that can be yours.

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What is included in People Please No More?

This is a 28 part program where you will receive a transformational training from me each day.

Each part will also contain at least one actionable step to put in place immediately because transformation comes from taking action.  These are simple things that you possibly have not given yourself permission to do or even think about before because you have been so busy keeping everyone, but you, happy!

Enough of that, right?!

On some days, there will be worksheets if I feel the learning needs a little more emphasis and also , on some days, I will teach you a simple song/melody that will keep the principle in mind all through the day.

The work we are doing here will overturn years of people-pleasing programming so I am going to use every avenue available to me to help you move forward powerfully!

You will join the Deliberate Millionaire if you want that support and business growth training as well.

We will cover subjects such as

  • Valuing Yourself enough to say No – You will learn a simple strategy that gets you guilt free success

  • People pleasers and relationships – Why you keep attracting the wrong people and how that gets in the way of you being happy and wealthy

  • The Signs of a People Pleaser – Things you probably do right now that you need to stop in order to fully own your power, grow your business and exactly how to stop.

  • When it is ok not to be nice & when it is ok to put yourself first

  • How to be more assertive & strengthen your assertiveness muscles – How not to be aggressive and yet get what you need to move forward.

  • Calming Your Inner Critic so you can see the woods for the trees when it comes to making decisions that create wealth for you.

And a whole lot more!

Each day, you will feel so much stronger as you become aware of where the issues are and how to deal with them.

It is your time to live happier, freer, more wealthy and far more in control of your personal power.

Start Date:   Immediately after purchase


HOW:   Delivered Via Email 5 days on, 2 days off


Includes:  Audios, Worksheets & access to a Private Accountability Group

PRICE: $147


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