People pleasing behaviours must stop and YOU must shine – Last Day!

People Please

So, tell me, how long are you going to keep doing battle with yourself?

How long are you going to keep getting in your own way?
You have lived for so long, holding yourself back, waiting, waiting, waiting to be unleashed on the world.
Thinking that it is not your time yet…
Thinking that you have to wait to be commissioned…
Thinking you have to be given permission…
Waiting for that voice from heaven that will assure you that it is your time, right now…
How much longer will you wait before you realize that you are just waiting on the approval of the people in your life?
And when will you realize that it is not coming!
There is no reason for you not to move other than the fact, that you are not moving.
And because you have not moved in so long, you have even forgotten what you really want.
You might give yourself all kinds of reasons why you are allowing time to keep on going by but what it comes down to is this…
Your people pleasing behaviors are causing you to stay stuck, to wait for permission, to wait for approval and you just need to stop!
You have been fulfilling other people’s agendas for so long now that you have stopped valuing yourself.  Why have you forgotten who you are?
Why are you sacrificing yourself on the altar of everyone else’s whims?
I know you think it is the right thing but what if you are setting yourself up to look back in regret at all the time you wasted not living out your full potential?
The only thing we cannot replace is time – Once it is gone, IT IS GONE!
Listen, Join me in People-Please No More which begins tomorrow and runs for 28 days.  And in that time, you will receive short yet deep transformational training which will enable you see more clearly where you are holding yourself back and how you can take action to prevent this being the story of your life.
Each day for the first 7 days, you will receive an audio training which will help you see how other people are determining everything you do.
We will dive deep into the following topics and more…
  • Do you suffer from the savior complex?
  • The shocking truth about selfishness
  • Are you avoiding the light?
  • Why conflict avoidance keeps you from knowing what you really want
  • Why being the rebel is bad for you
  • Guilt Free Wealth Creation
  • Shame, Blame, Fear, Control
  • When saying ‘NO’ is better than saying ‘YES’ all the time
  • How to get back control of your time
  • How to really tap into your worth so that you play life from a place of abundance
You will know why you do seemingly innocuous things which cause you a lot of pain and keep you living with a lack of overall wealth…
And then for the following 21 days, I will deliver to you a bootcamp style set of daily actions that will leave you feeling stronger, more capable and more sure of your direction in life and business.
You will never be the same again after this program.
So what are you waiting for?


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