We try so hard to be right all the time and so we live in a weird kind of bondage as we are too scared to just say what we think in case we come across as silly.

The thing is, it is silly to keep pretending we have it all together.

It is silly to not allow ourselves to learn the truth because we are too scared to show our naivety.

We hide behind so-called ‘grown up ness’ and stop living life because we are petrified of being shown up as incomplete.

And so we keep our incompleteness.

We get to fight for and keep our silliness.

And it is all because we are afraid…

Afraid to reveal the person we really are because someone, somewhere told us once upon a time, that we are not good enough.

We are not worthy enough and to this day, we allow the nonsense of that callous word to affect us.

Instead of looking inside and reflecting on where the fear arises from, we hide, we cover it up, we keep on keeping on in our silliness.

And under all the fear is an amazing being…

Just like Will Smith kept saying to his son in the film – After Earth – ‘Kneel down, feel the earth beneath you’

He kept calling him back into the present and I call you too because…

It is that being, that original person inside that needs to come on out, that needs to be uncovered and yet, you are too scared to own that person in case the world sees you as weak

And it is evil to be seen as weak or so we tell ourselves.

We hide behind tips, tricks, strategies that are not giving us the results we want but it feels safe.

If you do A, then B will happen, right?

But it is not happening for us…

Why is it not happening, we wonder…

We push and we shove and some things change but somehow that gnawing pain inside does not go away…

We are supposed to be happy now… aren’t we?

So why does the pain remain?

Why do we feel so dead inside?

Why do we feel like we are not quite there yet?

It is because we hide who we are. We present a false side of ourselves and we continually tell the real part of us that it is not good enough.

It may have started with the words of another but now, we keep it going by believing that false opinion.

It takes the same amount of energy to believe the truth that we are powerful and yet we carry on believing that we are weak, that we are silly, that we are not enough.

I yell out to you that YOU ARE ENOUGH!



That dream inside of you is exactly what you need to be getting on with!

No, it does not feel easy to start but then neither does this half-life that you persist in holding on to!

It is like birthing a child – There is pain that you must pass through and yet there is an incredible gift waiting if you will push through the pain.

And you must feel the pain, you must go through it, there is no going around it, there is no avoiding it.

Feel it, push through it, break free to the other side and find all the abundance, the wealth, the business success, everything you need or want!

It is all on the other side of your fear.

Feel it! Pass through what feels like the ring of fire!

See that it will not kill you!

Become strong as you pass through it!

Arise from the ashes, a true warrior!

Ready to live life, to build successful business, to be a leader, to be fulfilled as you live out your TRUE DESIGN life!

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Much Amazing Love

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