You have carefully created the wrong life

And you know it.

It feels empty

It feels like you are just going through the motions

You feel low-level sadness all the time

And you try to ignore it.

You had such dreams of the life you would create but you did not trust yourself and so you left your life in the hands of people you believed, knew better than you what was best for you – Parents, teachers, spiritual leaders, friends, siblings

Everyone else got a say in your life, EXCEPT you

And now, here you are with a life that looks good from the outside but sucks balls on the inside.

And so you started dabbling at doing things that meant something to you but that is some scary shit!

How can you come out into the world as THAT person when everyone expects you to be THIS person?

How can you leave behind the life you so carefully created?

How can you walk away from the desires, agendas, expectations of those you love?

How can you let down all those people who depend on you to remain the same ‘giving’, ‘selfless’, doormat they carefully trained you into being?

I know it sounds horrible when I put it that way and your life is not all that bad really…

In fact, you are pretty blessed by most people’s standards but then, those people are not inside of your own skin so they do not really KNOW what it is truly like to be you, waking up to the same old, same old day again and again and again and AGAIN!

You feel the call within you to something more – it reminds you that you are meant for more

And as I say, you dabble a bit here and there and you even talk a bit about it to your loved ones who smile at you while deep down, knowing that you will never truly commit because you have too much to lose

And even on the days, when it seems like you just might be serious, they remind you to be careful not to lose what you have while going chasing what you don’t yet have and that puts the fear of God in you so you just keep on dabbling while ignoring the cry of your innermost heart.

‘This cannot be my life’

‘This is not your life’

‘You are meant for more’

‘You are capable of so much more’

It whispers, it whispers, it whispers and some days, you drown it out with distractions while other days, you cloak your despair with a smile on your face so no one knows just how empty you feel.

And then you tell yourself that if you were supposed to be coaching, healing, teaching others, then the little dabbling you have been doing should have generated a great income by now but it was obviously unprofitable so maybe, you really are not called to do anything different

NONSENSE, you have been dabbling and dabblers don’t get anywhere

It just makes your life harder when you are uncommitted.  You just end up with more struggle as you try to maintain both lives and fail at the new life while stalling your old dissatisfying life.

And then you pray or practise meditation to try to silence the growing despair within you.

But it ain’t going nowhere.

Not until you surrender.

Peace comes when you surrender

Success comes when you surrender

Fulfilment and joy comes when you surrender

Yes, there will be a time of transition into your true design life and that can be VERY challenging but it is not endless like your current experience of pain and struggle.

You are called to something more

You know it

That vision within you is your permission

You are oh so very capable of your calling

But the choice is yours

Will you go all in on living the life you are meant to live, the life that will transform the lives of many, the life that will lead to unlimited prosperity?

Or will you settle for low-level-depression just so you look good to others who have also settled for low-level depression?

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