Your vision seems impossible at times when you consider your current reality but deep down, you have always known there is something different about you…

You have always known that you are destined to experience uncommon success

You have always known that you are here to do something great

But yes, like most people, you started to buy into the nonsense


You are divinity wrapped up in a human body – Why give the physical reality so much import?


You feel the truth of that statement within you though you may not have said it that way…

So, let’s keep it simple, shall we?

I discovered a simple path – I call it the Deliberate Millionaire Path To Peace & Plenty and if you are a spirit-driven soul, destined for uncommon success in your own online business that generates at least $5k each and every month (and that is just for starters) then here is the path…


You need to remain connected to your source of power.  We all call this different names – Universe, Divine, Infinite Intelligence, God and so on.  Whatever your name of choice, you need connection and to live from that connection at all times.

It is your power source.

It reminds you of your true design

It passes wisdom to you

It revitalises you and loves you and energizes your vision, bringing it to life more easily than you could alone

(Actually, you cannot do it alone – you already know that, you tried and something was broken in the picture when it came or it came and left so quick, you wondered why you bothered trying to create it)

You need connection.  It is not up for debate though you can try, of course but it just won’t work.


There is something you are specifically here to do.  It will bring you great joy so really, there is no point doing anything else.  However, we have been conditioned to believe that we can only make money living against our true design.  A few people escaped this fallacy but for the rest of us, we believed that we could only do the things we wanted to do at weekends and in the evenings, if we had time.

And so, we built these lives based on that, only to wonder why we felt so out of place in our own lives.

Wondering why we have this low-level sadness hanging around us and this deep sense of longing for something more…

We long for the adventure of a life well lived but we hold ourselves back, based on other people’s definitions of what success ‘should’ look like.

Well, let me tell you now, that true lasting prosperity is only discovered and experienced on our true design path.  You must respond to the calling on your life and you fully realise it in connection to Source.

It takes courage to step onto this path as for the most part, you are immersed in the wrong life for you and it feels IMPOSSIBLE to break free but it is not.  It is usually easier than your imagination suggests but there is so much negative emotion attached to it, that you make it hard to transition which brings me to the next part of the deliberate life path…


When I talk of clarity, it is about cleaning and clearing the emotions that tie you to a life that does not fulfil you.

Forgiveness of yourself for past mistakes

Forgiveness of others for hurting you

Choosing to love yourself enough to get on path

Choosing to shake any beliefs about a lack of worth or deservingness

Choosing to shake any religious beliefs that belittle you or chain you up to dogma that is controlling

Choosing to free yourself from familial traditions and cultures that bind you to a life that serves everyone else’s vision and leaves yours on the shelf

Choosing to eliminate guilt, shame, fear as much as possible

Leaving behind sad stories from your past and any negative meanings attached to them

ULTIMATELY, cleaning and clearing ANYTHING that no longer serves you, no matter how sacred you may think it is.

As you remain on the deliberate millionaire path, you will learn to stop thinking in terms of what is right or wrong (based on what the world has conditioned you to believe) but rather, you will think more about what serves or hinders your vision and calling.

And if it hinders, it gotta go.  THE END.

Yep, this may cause issues in co-dependent relationships in your life and again, you get to choose – Is it helping or hindering me?

It may even cause you to question your religion as you begin to figure out what gets in the way of your connection with the Divine.

The Deliberate millionaire path to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love is very… DELIBERATE!

I can help you personally with this cleaning and clearing in the CLEARING & AGREEMENT EVENT in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY


This is where you take aligned action to create the life you desire…

COMMUNICATION – Start sharing with the world how you desire to serve them.  Share your stories, share your thoughts, share who you are. Go be where your people are likely to be – SOCIAL MEDIA is a great start.  Get over your fears, start showing up powerfully as a leader with something to say.

CAPTURE – Give something away for free that is linked to what you want to serve people with and capture those who say yes, onto your mailing list so that you can follow up with them a bit more closely

CLOSE – Tell them, tell them, TELL THEM what you have on offer.  Only sell what you believe in so that you can give it your whole energy and KNOW that it serves others.  Every day, make an offer.  Numerous times each day.

There is also inner work to be done – Affirmations, holding the vision and everything we have already talked about – There is always inner and outer work to be done

That is the simple form of what needs to happen. The truth is, it IS simple!


It will help to get support and training to move forward. The Deliberate Millionaire Assembly is the place to get training programs on business, spiritual and personal growth. It is also the place to meet other deliberate, action-oriented people determined to prosper in all areas of life. It is the only place to pick my brain, apart from working with me in a more exclusive way. Check it out at


The transition to the deliberate life is not always easy.  It is simple enough but as already mentioned, negative emotions get in the way and make it seem a lot more complicated than it needs to be until you clear some of those inner obstacles.

The thing is, regardless of how it feels, you must choose to be relentless and consistent if you are to prosper.  This is where lots of people drop the ball.  They get caught up in thinking that if it is not easy then they are not called or they are not cut out for it or they get to thinking of the ‘good old days’ which were not so good but suddenly seem easy and they stop, start, stop, start which makes everything take so much longer.

People get off their purpose path and start telling themselves that they need to do whatever people ‘out there’ want them to do, in order to make money and so then they find themselves off-track again.

The Deliberate Millionaire path needs consistent realignment – Are you willing?

And there you have it – the path to your millions if you choose to stay the course


Much Amazing Love

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