The Path Of Peace


4 PART AUDIO PROGRAM: Free Yourself From Anxiety & Drama, Feel Good Everyday & Open Up To Increased Prosperity


You know it  

You are called to it  

You desire it  

You long for it  

A place that transcends all human understanding  

A place beyond the conditioning that you have been subject to  

A place where peace reigns supreme and it is your natural state  

A place where you know what you are here to do  

And you do it with confidence, assurance, power, peace  

A place where it matters not what the world has to say  

It matters not what anyone has to say about you  

you know you are not here to keep the world happy  

You are here to fly  

To go beyond the normal-ness  

To live a life of uncommon success and prosperity  

And I call you to this place  

Let me show you how to live there always  

Let me teach you to tap back into the wisdom from deep within yourself  

You are born for so much more than you have allowed  

Is it not time to take the limits off, stop living to the design of the world, connect so intimately to the Divine and DELIBERATELY get on the path of peace?  

Life has felt so harried…  

So rushed…  

So confusing…  

And you know you are born to live beyond all these urgent pulls and pushes  

Dare to come…  

To turn your back on all the demands  

You have been responding to all those demands your whole life and has it granted you the deep peace within? 

Has it even granted you the total prosperity you desire?  

So why continue to stay on that path?  

Why continue to punish yourself when you are born to live in flow and ease  

The ancient saying goes “Seek first the kingdom... all other things will be added to you”  

This is what I know - As you get a true understanding of what that saying means and you choose to put the kingdom first, peace reigns supreme in your life, prosperity becomes a given...

Come with me on this 4 part exploration of the path of peace.


This is a 4 part audio and worksheet program. Day 1 is delivered immediately and then every day until you receive all 4 parts.

In this 4 part course, you will ...

🔴 Explore the kingdom and what it really means for you and how seeking it as a physical reality in your life leads to a deep otherworldly sense of peace, regardless of what is happening around you  

🔴 Discover ONE phrase that changes everything when you allow it to work its magic on you  

🔴 Identify & Fix the ideas that keep you from peace and prosperity in all areas of life  

🔴 One powerful strategy to bring you back to peace instantly  

🔴 Learn and take fully on board the only 3 things you need to do to create physical wealth and as long as you do these things then whatever chaos is coming up in your life, you can be sure that it will be handled.  

🔴 Learn the ONE big mistake you are making that keeps you trapped in the past and continually recreating the same drama over and over: End Self-Sabotage!

End the drama

End the chaos

Let me show you how to live peacefully and as a result, attract in everything you desire - You have no idea just how important it is that yoy remain peaceful in order to receive all the prosperity you desire.

Are you ready for change?

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I am Rosemary Nonny Knight - The Prosperity Minister. Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist working harder and harder to stay afloat and in the end, I did not win that battle. It took changing tactics from simply working harder to taking responsibility for my inner nonsense.

I learnt that I had to release A LOT Of my old way of thinking to create ANY kind of success on my own terms and I realised that my clients also had to do that because no matter how many times I would tell them exactly what to do, while their mind was set to normal, they were simply unable to do the work. I started to help them release old ways of thinking, same as I had had to and before I knew it, they were able to create the lives they desired, the business they desired. 

And this is one of those areas...  

One of the areas that most people do not pay any attention to...  

And it keeps them trapped living a life that feels YUK! If you do not live to your true design, how can you ever be happy? 

Think about it!

I am called to equip 334000 people to live a more deliberate life, opening up to prosperity and making their dent on the planet. I truly believe it is up to the individual person to stop living as though they are too small to make a difference and to wake up to the fact that YOU being YOU makes a HUGE difference on the world.

This simple 4 part program is one way to equip you with the internal and external tools of prosperity.

And I make it incredibly affordable for anyone serious!

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