Network Marketing And Passive Income Streams

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Network Marketing And Passive Income StreamsDo you understand what it means to have multiple streams of income?  And passive income streams?

Were you sold on joining a network marketing business because of the potential to create passive income streams? Excellent, having multiple streams of income is very important for the development of wealth and network marketing can certainly help you with that and here’s how.

1. Duplicate the Recruiting Efforts of Your Upline

The person who sponsored you (your upline) is currently making a percentage of all your efforts in the business. If you are still in the process of deciding what company to join, make sure you are pretty savvy about your upline because this can make a huge difference to yoru business if you join an upline who is either already successful or has access to another successful person higher up the chain.And if you are in the unfortunate position of having an upline who is unhelpful then you need to make a choice to be the leader that you want someone else to be for you. So, get educated by attending training events, watch what the successful people in your company do, ask all the questions you can of all the people who are doing well and also get yourself a coach who will hold you accountable to taking massive action to build your downline.

Your passive income streams are found within your downline.   If you have fifty people in your downline working hard and being trained by you to get better, then you benefit form the effort of fifty one people – you and your downline and so the more people you recruit and train to duplicate your efforts, the more passive income you develop as they build their own downlines as well. This business model is pretty good. Where else can you start a business with very little initial outlay and have the potential of leveraging the efforts of that many people?

2. Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labour

For most people in corporate town, their retirement is all about taking a pay cut and living on less than they did as an active worker and this is the choice they make. They look forward to this time in life because they think this is the only way.You, as a network marketer, have a lot more choice. You do not have to take a paycut. All the effort you put in to develop your skills of recruiting, duplicating and leading can continue to work fo you over and over and over again. You will either choose to continue building your business because it is now a habit that is fun and fulfilling to assist others in developing their own business.

Or you will choose ot take a bit more of a backseat and this can happen in a matter of 5- 10 years. No, it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a career that you can take seriously to develop freedom into your life – You can wake up when you want to, You can build a team of people you enjoy working with, You can continue to develop yourself and live a big life that is not defined by anyone other than you.

And most of all, you enjoy those passive income streams regardless of what you do.

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