Pass Through The Struggle & Live Your Best Life

The Struggle

The Struggle seems to dog us as human beings for practically the whole of our life.

For the first 9 months of our existence, we were cocooned away, safe and sound with food and drink supplied without us even asking. We slept, we swam around, we were at peace unless something unusual happened and then we were born into a world full of pain and discomfort.

We had to learn to ask for what we needed. We had to learn to define what we want. We were dependent on our parents understanding what each cry meant and we started to learn that this life could be a lot tougher than we had originally experienced whilst in the womb.

And yet, within us is a silent yearning for more. We have tasted of abundance and it seems that this life that we have been thrust into is certainly not all we can get.

So, the desire to recreate paradise begins.

And for some, the struggle becomes a place of great growth. They make the choice to step away from the norm, to fully feel the struggle and learn from it, grow through it. They are not scared of their dark side, they do not avoid it like the masses do, and they do not hope it will go away.

They recognise that within the struggle lies their salvation.

Most people see the struggle as the obstacle, the insurmountable resistance that is not supposed to be challenged but the warriors see that the struggle is actually the path, the way to the bliss they seek.

They push on through and refuse to settle for less. They don’t stop to tell their sob stories to anyone who comes upon them, they do not stop believing even when it feels too hard.

They do not listen to the masses, they know that appeasing them all will result in nothing but emptiness, they do not compromise themselves because they know that they absolutely can get what their heart longs for.

And as they push through the struggle, they discover the fun, they discover the adventure, they discover what most will never know – the absolute feeling of fulfilment that comes from living a life free of limits, free of appeasing others, full of happiness and love and abundance ALL the time.

The struggle is just the test and many fail it.

You, however, do not have to fail or give in – You are a warrior and we – you and I – are on our own warrior quest.

Some days, it feels the dreams will never happen and yet, you know you have glimpsed something and there is no returning to the emptiness of the past.

Whatever your route of choice, warrior, abundance and happiness can be yours.

Choose to keep moving forward, to keep battling through, past your own self imposed limitations, past the nonsense others lay on you.

Keep Moving Forward, my fellow warrior. It is worth it!

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