So, how much more perfect do you think you need to be before you can be prosperous in every area of life?

How much more goodness do you need to embody before you are allowed to have great relationships, a highly profitable business doing what you love and a slim, sexy, strong, healthy body?

How much more beating yourself up do you need before you are worthy enough to have the best of everything?

BE real with yourself

What price do you think you have to pay, in order to be considered worthy?

I see you, stuck in a situation that does not feel good though it may look good…

And you stay there because there is a deep, dark part of you telling you that ‘bad’ people like you can only have this much…

You may not even know the part of you, exists…

Except this resonates with you

Something inside of you just jumped or reacted in some way

AS you realised that you have been holding back because deep down, you just do not feel worthy enough to get up every day and love your life!

OH NO!!!  there is penance to be paid for all your sins

There is forgiveness to be received for all your misdeeds

YOU have to get to perfect before you can support anyone else, of course

So what that some of the worst people on the planet have lots of money?

You don’t see them doing penance first

No, we do not want to be like them but seriously, how the heck are we going to change the world if you are spending all this time, paying penance and thinking that you have to be perfect before you are allowed to change lives and claim the life you desire.

For goodness’ sake, becoming perfect is part of the WHOLE LIFE JOURNEY

It is not a prerequisite before allowing yourself to enjoy life

Yes, we want to spiritually grow and shed the old nonsense but that does not stop you from building a highly profitable business and changing lives as you head towards perfection

That does not stop you from LOVING LIFE NOW!

For goodness’ sake!


The world needs your gifting NOW!

Stop waiting to be a paragon of virtue

And frankly, most ‘paragons of virtue’ are broke and so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly use!

Who wants that?!

Be your practical, spiritual self in all your power, right now!

Perfection is not required.


Have you decided to go all the way in?

Join me in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY at

Much Amazing Love

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