You would be unstoppable, if you would just own your space.

You would be living an ever-expanding life-experience, if you would own your space

You have shrunk

The trials of your life have made you play small

It is like you could be living in a 7 bed mansion but you have squished yourself into the teeny tiny toilet cubicle so as not to take up too much room.

The cubicle was created for visitors but for whatever reason, you have taken up residence in it as you hide away from the rest of the mansion.

Except you long to fill the space of the entire mansion.

You feel that deep knowing that you are meant to fill the entire space of the mansion and maybe, even go bigger but you have all these stories, all these reasons why you cannot do it.

You also have lots of people & events to blame for your inability to fill the space of the mansion.

And it all feels so true.

Except in the few and far-between moments when you allow yourself to feel just how constricted and small you feel in your tight little cubicle.


The mansion is yours

No one can take it from you

No one can force you to fill the space

You are the one with all the choices

And the other crazy thing is that you are still carrying it around with you all the time, the huge mansion.

It is heavy when you are pretending not to see it

It feels burdensome to forever pretend you do not know that there is more to you.

It slows you down.  You are a like a teeny tiny baby tortoise dragging around a huge, huge adult sized shell.



Each room in that mansion that you carry around with you while pretending you don’t, contains experiences you deeply desire to have

the experiences of travel you desire

the experiences of books you want to write

the experiences of relationships you want to create

The experiences of joyous freedom you want to have

Stop hiding from yourself

Stop pretending to be less than all that you are


Each day you do this hiding thing, you diminish yourself a little bit more and the burden you carry around feels even heavier.

Again, AWAKEN!

Most people die with this heavy weight all around them, reminding them of all the things they could have done if they had chosen to own their space.

the weight drains them of their life force until there is not much left and they pass away.

This same mansion could have been a source of greatness and joy and love, if it had been owned completely.

Again, AWAKEN.


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