I sing

I speak

I write

I am mum

I am wife

I am daughter

I used to be pharmacist

I am property investor

I am prosperity coach

I am spiritual teacher

I teach peeps how to make money

And I am so much more than these things

I tried for so long to fit myself into a box

I thought I could only be one thing or the other

I thought I could not be/do all the things…

I had to find a normal path

I spent so much time trying to be what I thought the world needed and wanted me to be

It made me sad

I slowly but surely imploded

Even though I considered myself to be very practical and willing to do whatever it took…

Something inside of me just knew I was born for something more

I could not settle for only using parts of myself to create a life

I wanted it all

I finally gave myself permission to be my multi-passionate self

And I figured out how to make it work for me

And because I was set on it working…

It worked

I now only do work I love

I now make money doing said work…

Life feels so much greater than it did when I was trying to be sensible, one-dimensional pharmacist

Where are you stifling yourself?

The world tells us to fit into boxes

But it is not for our benefit

It is for the comfort of those who seek to define us

Mass-mind hates anomalies

And you are an anomaly

Except you keep trying to be what they want

And then you wonder why you feel so out-of-place in your own life

There is no mistake about the combination that is you

And you find out how to show up in the world when you go within and accept yourself totally and act on that inner wisdom that is ever-present

You are not created to fit into a box


And I truly believe that the world needs you with all your weird edges…

Because again, there is no mistake about you being present in the world on this day, at this time

Will you allow yourself to be all that you are?

It is the only path to fulfilment

The only path to freedom

The only path to financial abundance

Own your awesome anomaly self

And lets figure out how to monetize you in PURPOSE-DRIVEN PROFITS

You will never be satisfied being told who to be and what to do

So, make up your own rules for yourself in your own business, doing what you want to do

Making money your way


Will you?


Much Amazing Love


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