Man!!!! how complicated and PAINFUL, I made my life.

I kept trying to prove myself to my loved ones, to people I did not even know who thought they should have an opinion on what I ‘should’ be doing.

I did not even realise I was doing it.

Until the Divine got my attention.

I realised my life had been working until I decided it was not working in the way I THOUGHT other people THOUGHT it SHOULD work.

I wanted their approval even though I would claim loudly not to care about it

Life became a struggle – a painful, hard struggle.

I could not figure out why I was not winning. I have always won at whatever I put my mind into and it has usually been fairly straightforward because the Divine and I have always been enough.

But with hindsight I saw that for whatever reason, I had decided that other people’s opinions were more important than mine.

For about 5 YEARS, I put myself through this torture.

I judged myself by my PERCEPTION of other people’s expectations of me.

I tried to contort and conform to suit those expectations and I felt like nothing was working.

THANK GOD nothing worked!!!!

Nothing works when you refuse to live in your true design.


I would have forever been caught up trying to be whatever others wanted me to be. Again, THANK GOD, I did not win that way.

I returned home to myself – this was more of an internal journey. Nothing much changed externally. (I hope you realise that most of the pain you are experiencing is internal and most of the shifts you need to truly prosper, are INTERNAL – I did not believe this for TOO LONG and so, kept myself in the wilderness of struggle for SOOOOOO LONG!)

And in returning to myself, I returned home to peace & plenty.

I remembered that I am enough, I have always been enough and I will always be enough.

And I let others think whatever the heck they wanted to think.

I am home.

There is peace.

There is freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.


Come draw close to the Divine

Come allow that connection to put you on the path of EASY SUCCESS


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Much Amazing Love

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