For too long, I tried to make the people in my life, my source of energy, my source of confidence, my source of love.

I wanted them to love me unconditionally

I wanted them to accept me unconditionally

I wanted to be seen by them as who I truly was, rather than who they wanted me to be

And they tried

they really did try

But they were limited by their own rules, limited by their perception of life, limited by their need to be accepted by others and limited by their agenda for me.

And so they could not give me what I needed to thrive and flourish in my true-design life – It is impossible to give what you do not have.

I started finally to learn to look to the Divine as my source…

I had to shed weird ideas about the Divine that I had carried over from religion and from my family’s perceptions…

But little by little, I realised that the Divine is a solid, unchanging foundation on which I can build my true-design life.

This gave me confidence to say what i wanted to say, do what I wanted to do and be whatever I wanted to be because I KNEW that the Divine would always have my back.  Even if I made mistakes, I could trust that Divine love was unconditional and unchanging.

It had to go beyond just words I said or sung.

This depth of connection had to be truly real so that it remained unshaken in times of great upheaval and stress.

If you find yourself cowering in the darkness when you would really like to be shining your light, I urge you to take a look at your connection to the Divine – Is it a true connection or just something you do to avoid hell or to check the boxes of being a spiritual person?

Do you truly KNOW the Divine to be your source?

Do you truly feel that you are safe in Divine love?

Understand that these feelings can be cultivated and practised as you take little steps out of your comfort zone in the direction of your vision and you realise that you are backed up and supported.

You affirm this to yourself as you see it happening and little by little, you overpower your old ideas of doubt and feeling abandoned and isolated.

This is how you develop unshakeable self-confidence – When you truly know that you are taken care of and loved by the Divine, what do you have to fear?

Again, do not let this just be words that do not stand under the pressure of transition and personal growth.

Practise feeling loved, cared for, supported and backed up.

Look for instances where this has been clearly demonstrated in the past and right now, in your present.

Learn to sit with the Divine and know yourself to be one with Him/Her/It

This is no religious irrelevancy – If you are to live a prosperous life that goes beyond anything you have experienced to date then you need to KNOW yourself to be connected to a power that goes beyond just your own past experience.

Out of Divine Love flows confidence – The Confidence to live in your true design – Avail yourself of it.

I can help you cultivate this deep certainty

There are 2 ways available at present

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Much Amazing Love

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