Opportunity Knocks Everywhere. Can you see it?

By August 26, 2013February 23rd, 2016Business, Self Development

Opportunity Knocks everywhere and in every aspect of life – business, relationships, health and so on.  The question I need to ask you is …  Can you see it? Are you aware?  Are you looking? And are you ready to take advantage of it?

opportunity KNOCKS

You may be stuck in a job you do not want to do for the rest of your life, you may be at home with the children having taken maternity leave while you have kids.  You want to find something else to do with your time, something that will replace your job income or something you can do along side the kids.  You have some great ideas but there is a part of you that doubts you can make any of them happen.  After all, you are in a dire economy, you are already working all the hours God sends, your boss would sack you if he knew, Your kids would be neglected, the time is just not right for you.  The reasons not to do anything increase and increase.

You are a young lady and you want to start a relationship, you want to have kids, you want to build a lovely family and yet, you are now approaching what you consider to be sell-by date and still you cannot find the guy of your dreams.  You have made that list,  you Know, that one with all the characteristics you want to find in a guy and frankly, you are absolutely certain all the good guys belong to another woman.  You wonder if your opportunity will ever come or will you be a spinster forever?

You are an obese lady, or maybe just slightly overweight.  You had all those kids and now you just cannot find a way to reduce your waistline (and your boobs and your thighs and your arms ).  Well, others are the same size as you so maybe it is not all that bad.  You start to feel that the only slim ones are those American celebrities.  You hear of things like the South Beach Diet, food tolerance testing, botox, tummy tucks  And you think that the only way to  get your dress size down would be to do one of these unattainable (in your mind) things.  You are stuck and so your weight remains the same.

Do you recognise yourself in any of these stereotypes?  Or maybe even more than one of these?

Are you convinced that the answer to all your issues is to be found somewhere far from you?  Everyone else in another country can have it but you are stuck?

I am here to tell you that it is a lie!

Opportunity Knocks everywhere.  The question is, can you see it?  And when seen, will you take action on it?  Or are you content to keep using the same old stories to give you a reason to stay put?

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