Opinion Polls Do Not Count For Much!

Aaargh – how many times have I given into popular opinion only to realize that it is only popular to some people and not to others?

How many times have I sold my soul in order to fit into a place that does not suit me because I felt it was the safe thing to do?

How many times have you done that?

And in what ways do you still do it?

And it is sooo hard to really face that in yourself day in, day out and commit to making a change, isn’t it? Because it is like ingrained that we have to be liked… we have to be approved of… we have to have the consent of the masses before we can actually be who we are created to be…

And it is all a fallacy!

It is such a lie!

If you want to be a follower then yes, go ahead and follow the crowd – Keep looking for their approval – Keep singing the tune they set out for you on birth…

IF that is what you want!

If you are a leader, then honey, it is time to give up that nonsensical rubbish (I could have used a stronger word but hey, I am still working through my own sedation!)

You cannot LEAD and FOLLOW all at the same time!

You cannot stand out and hide at the same time.

It is impossible!

You have to strongly decide to buck the trend and walk your own way!

But this is the thing, people do that and then they find a new crowd to follow.

I see that in churches or any kind of institution – You break away from your upbringing, you think you are now your own powerful person but then it starts to feel a little uncomfortable to always be out on the edge, out where others fear to go and so you slowly but surely, tell yourself it is ok to settle back down again.

You find yourself a new, seemingly ‘OUT THERE’ clique to belong to but ultimately, you give up your individuality in order to fit right in again.

You forget you are a leader and you become a follower again.
I have done this so many times…

I have always felt like a rebel – possibly one without a cause for a very long time so I would rebel against the standards my family wanted me to live by…

I refused to be one of those foreigners that only hung out with their own kind.

I refused to stay in the church I was brought up to be part of because it all felt a little hypocritical when I really wanted a real relationship with God.

I joined a Church that called out the warrior in me but I ended up hating it because I had to give up too much of myself to really fit in and I just was not willing to do that.

I then went to join another church where again, I tried to jump through hoops in order to toe the party line and in the end, the relationship I wanted to build with God was found outside the walls of church.

I stayed away from any organized church setting for a little while and really reached into the heart of God and I started to create that relationship with Him for myself…

And when I got that, I was able to return to Church, knowing my own mind, knowing who I wanted to be …

(And that is just the church stuff – Let’s not talk about work, business, relationships, health!)

And still there can be days, when I must remind myself who I am or else I get drawn into playing the games, seeking approval, trying to be liked!

And all of that stuff weakens me.

All of that stuff weakens you!

In my true warrior state, I am not that comfortable to be around. I say it like it is – I don’t hold back

but over time, I have learnt to soften me to make the people around me happy.

But something inside me hates it!

Even now as I write this out, there is a HUGE YELL INSIDE ME! AAAAARGH!

Enough already!


The pretense, the hiding who you are to present a more palatable version of you!

I am so fed up of playing to popular opinion!

I am a leader! You are a leader and we can create more fulfilling lives, businesses from this place of leadership.

And frankly, if you are a spiritual entrepreneur with an intimate connection with the God of the Universe, why on earth do you keep believing you are too weak to really show up?!

Why do you keep playing these games?! Enough!

Again, I remind you that you are a leader! You are created to stand out, to be the person you are in your business, your relationships, your everyday activity.

Show up, Warrior!

No more games!

Time to fight for & create the life and business you want.

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