The Rebirth

πŸ”΄ Do you find yourself struggling to receive the good things you desire?  

πŸ”΄ Are you working harder and harder only to find yourself a minuscule amount further along or even that nothing has changed at all?  

πŸ”΄ Do you know, in your heart of hearts, that life could feel better but you just do not know how to get to that place of receiving all your good?  

Let me start by telling you that the Divine holds nothing back from you so if your current experience feels stuck and lack-filled then there are simple tweaks that will change things for you.  

This is not about saying you are to blame or anything like that…  

It is just a recognition that if you do not know how to receive your good, you simply need to learn a few things so that you get out of struggle lane and move into a place of ease and joy  

And that is what OPEN TO RECEIVE is about  

An audio program to give you simple tools to use to easily receive your good  

Prosperity is your divine right and this will help yuo get on path to receive it more easily in every area of your life.  


You receive 2 audios + summary sheet + affirmation/visualisation audio immediately

βœ… You will learn the BIGGEST reason people remain trapped in a place of lack and what to do about it easily. This could be costing you so much when you do not realise you are operating form this place of lack.  

βœ… You will learn what to do when your physical reality seems to be falling apart and you feel panicked and unable to believe for anything good. We all have moments when it feels like nothing will ever work for us and yet, by implementing this simple technique, you will move away from lack and into receiving mode.  

βœ… You will learn simple strategies for getting yourself into a receiving state so that more good can reach you - It is like having a small bucket or a large bucket - Obviously if your bucket capacity is small then how can all yoru good reach you? Let us expand your bucket  

βœ… You will begin to notice opportunities more easily and quickly which will then accelerate you into receiving more of your good in every area of life. When stuck in lack mode, you do not see how the Universe is working to bring yuo all that you desire as you choose to do these simple techniques I describe in this program, you will start seeing more opportunities. Some would have been around all the time but you just could not see!  

βœ… You will learn how to become a person of favour - There are some people who everyone wants to support and help to reach their goals and it its to do with the energy they are giving off, you can learn to be someone who is favoured too. The universe really does want to give you all you desire and by learning to play with the energy you are giving off, you will more easily be able to receive.