Why can you not see?


You are lying to yourself

You are telling yourself that you cannot do it

You are telling yourself that you have to settle and be like an average person

You are telling yourself that if the Divine wanted you to have it, then it would be easier

You are DENYING YOURSELF your own vision and you then compound all the lies by telling yourself that you HAVE NO CHOICE!


Oh how I wish I could open your brain up and pour in perfect clarity because I did this thing you are doing where you tell yourself that you are doing everything and it just aint working.

And then you get scared and you start making decisions from the fear

You feel self-doubt and deluded so you start making decisions from the doubt

You get tired and you start making decisions from the tired

You feel shame that you are not where you thought you would be so you start making decisions from the shame

You feel guilt because you made so many promises to your children, your partner, your parents and so you start making decisions from the guilt

You feel ‘not enough’ and so you start making decisions from this deep lack of self-worth

Notice how NONE of these decisions are being made from the VISION, the goal, YOUR PURPOSE & CALLING

NONE of these decisions are being made as the person who MADE THE VISION come to life

And then you wonder why it is taking so long and why it is not working and then you MAKE IT EVEN WORSE by continuing to make decisions from the wrong place – Oh, it is not working so let me change everything and try some other nonsensical thing that that person over there said would work….  Oh it is not working so let me just stop and give up and quit and tell myself some silly story of it not being Divinely inspired or divinely right for me to do.



You are building your life on nonsense and you are therefore getting MORE nonsense back

YOU ARE THE AUTHORITY IN YOUR LIFE whether you are aware of it or not

YOU ARE THE ONE WITH ALL THE CHOICES whether you pretend not to know or not

If you choose to build a life on fear, you will get all manner of reasons to be afraid

If you choose to build a life on doubt, then you will get more reasons to be doubtful


You will get a free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life

You will build the 6 figure (or more), purpose-aligned business

You will have the impact and influence you know you are meant to have

You will change many lives

You will create generational wealth

You will BE FREE!

IT IS THAT SIMPLE and it is also pretty darned hard

Because you are so committed to doubt, fear, not worthy, not enough, not capable, guilt, shame – Though you would deny it, these things are just so normal to you now that you default back to them and unless you get VERY DELIBERATE about changing direction and STAYING on your true design path of faith, courage, vision, purpose then you will ultimately end your life without any of the dreams within you fulfilled.

And yes, you are that person who has done more than the average person from your background but come on!  YOU KNOW YOU ARE MEANT FOR MORE!

So yes, pat yourself on the back for how far you have come but for goodness’s sake, DO NOT STOP HERE!

Say this with me now…

“Divine love dissolves all doubt

Divine love dissolves all fear

Divine love keeps me focused

Divine love keeps me clear”

Or even better, speak directly to the Divine

“YOUR love dissolves all doubt

Your love dissolves all fear

Your love keeps me focused

Your love keeps me clear”

Feel love flowing through you, dissolving all that is not of love and feel it clearing anything that would take your focus away from your true goal then ask yourself “What is the best, most obvious and joyous thing I can do next as the one who brings my vision to life?”


You do not need to know everything

You do not need to HEAL all your hurts and trauma

You just need to FOCUS On what you have decided to create and regardless of how unlikely it may seem, you take the next step


Creating from within means that you may well be creating something that is not at all visible in the physical reality and that cannot matter at all.

YOU ARE ONE WITH THE DIVINE and YOU ARE POWERFUL, LIMITLESS CREATOR like the Divine so therefore whatever you decree and DECIDE upon must come to pass as long as you STAY THE COURSE UNTIL IT DOES.

So enough creating your life from the wrong place.

FOCUS, move

Let’s make your goal happen now!

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