Affirmation To Open Up To Love

By November 30, 2020February 20th, 2021Affirmations


I deserve to be loved

I am worthy of healthy, loving connections with other people

I am worthy of respect

I am worthy of affection and kindness

My opinions matter

I matter

I drop the desperate need to have specific named people in my current life experience fulfil my desire for love

I lean deeper into the Divine.

I feel loved unconditionally by the Divine.

In this moment, I tap into unending, endless, ever-expanding Divine love

I feel the energy of this love surging through me right now

I allow Divine love to dissolve painful relational patterns.

Right now, I release all those who are not willing to evolve with me, to their highest good

Right now, I open my heart more fully to the experience of an evolved love

Right now, as I allow Divine love to flow through every part of me, I feel myself becoming more magnetic to empowering relationships

I KNOW I deserve true love and I open up to the fullness of love right now.

I give thanks for the enduring presence of love all around me


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Much Amazing Love

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